Professional Corporate/LLC Update

Please read the instructions below before logging in.

This portal is designed so that you can revise information about your existing Professional Corporation or PLLC. You may log into the system as often as needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To remain in good standing P.C.s, P.A.s, and PLLCs are required to maintain up to date information with the North Carolina Medical Board. In this update portal, you are able to:

Report change of address
Report change of Registered Agent
Report change in shareholder or member roster
Request certification of new shareholders or members

To begin entering your information, please provide your corporate Registration ID Number. If you do not know your Registration ID number you may recover it by clicking on "Recover Registration ID#".

Questions? Find many answers in the "Handbook for Professional Corporations and Professional Limited Liability Companies" or contact the Board at Please include your name and business entity’s name with your question.

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