Corporation NameRegistered AgentApproval Date
Coastal Carolina Care PLLCMichael Thomas10/25/2019
Debbie test 2018-2Debbie Brienzi11/02/2017
1 UNC MD, P.A.Eliot Atstupenas, M.D.02/11/2000
1010 MediSpa, PLLCErica L Crouse07/19/2018
24 On Physicians, PCCorporation Service Company05/04/2007
24*7 MD, PLLCKarim Nazer, M.D.06/20/2011
360 Degree Health, PLLCJessica Knight Hairston, M.D.05/02/2008
3G3, PLLCAnna G. Wright03/07/2019
3M Neurology, PLLCMatthew Christopher Smith, M.D.06/18/2014
98point6 New Jersey Physicians PCCT Corporation System05/03/2018
A & K Eye Associates PLLCAnton Vlasov02/06/2018
A Doctor in the House, PLLCMichele Yolanda Griffith, MD03/09/2010
A Plus Family Care, PLLCWanett Mims02/08/2012
A Woman's Medical Center, P.A.Henry F. Gregor, MD07/10/2002
A Woman's Place in Fayetteville, PLLCAndrea K. Dickerson, M.D.12/04/2003
A Woman's View P.A.Vickie W. Lovin M.D.05/07/1996
A. A. Firozvi, MD PLLCAmir A. Firozvi05/02/2013
A. Barber, PLLCAlvin Floyd Barber, Jr.11/19/2009
A. J. Moore Medical, PLLCAndrew J. Moore, M.D.04/23/2015
A. L. Chartier Radiology, PLLCAndre L. Chartier12/18/2018
A. W. Atkinson, MD, PLLCAlvan W. Atkinson, MD07/28/2010
A.R. Clemons, MD, PCAlison Ruwet Clemons, MD08/20/2007
A.S.K. Imaging, P.C.Aous Al-Khaldi06/18/2001
A.W.C. Vision, P.A.John Cotter MD09/06/1994
AAA All American Associates in Family Medicine, PLLCMaria J. Villena, M.D.01/25/2012
AANVI PYREDDY, PLLCPavan Pyreddy, M.D.04/15/2009
Aaron D. Albert, M.D., P.C.Aaron D. Albert, M.D.02/15/2013
Aarti Kapur, M.D., P.A.Aarti Kapur, M.D. PA01/26/2009
Aashvi Aarohi PCRakesh Sheliya08/08/2016
AB Health Care PLLCAhmad Badr08/21/2019
Abbey Place Pain and Dependency PLLCRoy George Waronsky03/30/2017
ABC Pediatrics of Asheville, PARobert A. Errico01/25/2005
ABC Pediatrics Of Dunn, P.A.Vincent Michael Chiodo M.D.04/08/1994
Abdul Khalid, MD, P.AAbdul S Khalid, M.D10/11/2012
Abdul R. Gangoo MD, P.A.Abdul R. Gangoo MD07/01/1981
Abrons Family Practice and Urgent Care, P.A.S. Albert Abrons, M.D.09/14/2004
Abundant Health & Vitality Associates PLLCMelody Covington11/09/2016
ACA Healthcare, PLLCAvijeet Kumar Dut10/02/2019
Acacia Obstetrics & Gynecology, PABenjamin Keith Merritt, M.D.07/28/2014
Access Care Medical, PLLCAugustine Onwukwe, MD05/18/2009
Access Healthcare, P.A.Brian R. Forrest, M.D.03/27/2001
Access Internal Medicine, P.C.Jeremy S. Pepper, PA-C12/22/2011
Access Medical Services, PAOnonlunose J. Arhuidese, MD10/19/2010
Access Physicians, PLLCCapitol Corporate Services, Inc.09/14/2020
AccessiBull Healthcare, PLLCTaineisha Bolden07/19/2018
AccessMedicine, P.A.Steven Mark Manning02/04/2014
Achieve Medical Weight Loss, P.C.Jeffrey D. Seder10/29/2012
ACME Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, PLLCDavid B. Thomas10/29/2019
Acute HealthCare Solutions, PLLCFawzia Khatoon Salahuddin11/20/2017
Adamu Salisu, M.D., PLLCAdamu Salisu, M.D.08/12/2010
Adaorah E. Okafor D.O., PLLCAdaorah E. Okafor, D.O.10/30/2013
Addiction Recovery Medical Services Substance Abuse Facility, PLLCBobby P Kearney09/23/2016
Addiction Recovery Medical Services, P.L.L.C.Bobby P. Kearney05/09/2005
Adelle Anthony-Williams, M.D., PLLCAdelle Anthony-Williams, M.D.08/01/2002
Adkins Headache Center, PLLCHeather D. Adkins08/01/2016
Adolescent, Child and Adult Psychiatry of Raleigh, P.A.Shaheda F. Maroof, M.D.12/13/2001
Adrian Ogle, MD, PCAdrian Ogle, MD02/08/2006
Adult Internal Medicine, P.A.Lawrence S. Carter, Jr.04/15/2003
Advanced Aesthetic Concepts, PLLCJennifer Schmidt, D.O.09/27/2012
Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PADaniel I. Zivony11/08/2002
Advanced Imaging, Inc., P.C.Frank Chipman Snyder, MD11/20/2007
Advanced Integrative Health, PLLCRobin Lee Casey09/29/2017
Advanced Integrative Medicine A Division of the Franz Center PCS. Cornelia Franz, M.D.06/24/2014
Advanced Medical Group, PAPaul J. Kuzma, MD10/20/2014
Advanced OccMed, PLLCCarolyn L. Coward09/25/2019
Advanced Pain Consultants, P.A.Sonia Pasi, M.D.08/14/2007
Advanced Physical Medicine, P.C.Binoy Shah05/02/2018
Advanced Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, PLLCThomas Stern, MD08/14/2009
Advanced Skin Care, PLLCDana L. Garrett, M.D.11/30/2006
Advanced Spine and Pain Center, P.A.Rachid Idrissi, M.D.09/08/2008
Advanced Sports & Spine, PLLCUsman F. Ahmad, D.O.08/06/2015
Advanced Surgical Associates, P.A.Sabah Hamad10/12/2004
Advanced Wellness Institute, P.A.Lonnie W. Lassiter, II, MD12/12/2007
Advancing Forward Healthcare, PLLCLaura Ann Levin08/11/2020
Advantage Medical Services, P.L.L.C.NATASHA JACOBS LOWERY, PA-C11/12/2014
Advene Health, PLLCKent Seitz11/30/2016
Adventure Medicine Solutions PLLCSean J. Fortson12/02/2019
Aegean Regenerative Medicine P.L.L.C.Robert Whitley, Jr11/05/2013
Aesthetic Dermatology of New Bern, PLLCSean J. Murphy09/09/2005
Aesthetic Facial & Ocular Plastic Surgery Center, P.A. 08/01/1985
Aesthetic Physicians, PC.Business Filings International, Inc.05/30/2017
Aesthetic Solutions, P.A.Larry E Robbins04/22/1998
Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte, PLLCAdam C. Augenstein, M.D.08/13/2015
AFC Urgent Care and Family Care of WNC, PLLCNational Registered Agents, Inc.05/17/2018
Affiliated Medical Group, PLLCDavid Joseph Ahlberg, M.D.11/19/2007
After Hours/ Urgent Care, P.A.Ramesh V. Patel, M.D.06/16/1997
AG Clinical Research, PLLCThomas Sturgis, M.D.12/19/2014
Agape Medical Services P.L.L.C.Scot Alan Hunt09/04/2019
Ageless in the Triad, P.C.James D. Wall08/06/2015
Ageless Remedies SouthPark, PCRichard P. Greenberg, MD03/23/2009
Ages & Stages Pediatrics, PLLC Eduardo Jose Garrido Goico09/19/2018
Agha Arthritis Associates , P.A.Bilal M. Agha08/03/2006
AGT Anesthesiology, PLLCAnna Greta Taylor01/23/2019
Ahava Healthcare, PLLCMelanie Mintzer09/11/2020
AHG Psychiatry PLLCAndrea Hernandez10/29/2019
Ahoskie Adult Medicine Clinic, PLLCKelly J. Mackay02/26/2013
Ahoskie Pediatrics, P.A.Beverly E. Edwards M.D.06/19/1995
Airlie Radiology, P.A.Davis Mangum PLLC02/16/2012
Ajam Consulting P.C.Dr. Kamal S. Ajam04/18/2013
Ajay K. Ajmani M.D. P.A.Ajay Ajmani, MD08/14/1997
AJC Medical, PLLCIndira Velasquez03/08/2019
Ajey B. Golwala, MD, PCAjey B. Golwala12/13/2007
AK Heart Centers, Inc.Ajay S. Kadakia M.D.08/19/1997
AKJohnson Medical, PLLCAngela K. Johnson, MD06/29/2016
AKL Holdings, PLLCAndrew Len Lizek, M.D.04/29/2015
Alade Medical Weight Loss and Wellness PLLCMarion Reynolds07/22/2019
Alamance Dermatology, P.A.Arin L. Isenstein, M.D.05/05/2011
Alamance Eye Center, P.A.Chadwick R. Brasington04/19/1996
Alamance Family Practice, P.A.Meindert A. Niemeyer M.D.08/01/1996
Alamance Internal & Nuclear Medicine, P.A.Fayegh Jadali, M.D.10/22/1999
Alamance Radiation Oncology, P.L.L.C.Glenn Chrystal09/25/2014
Alamance Regional Medical CenterYvette Montgomery12/31/2017
Alamance Skin Center, P.A.David C. Kowalski, MD12/17/1997
Alamance Urological, P.C.Michael R. Wolff, M.D.04/13/2012
Alamgir Medical, PLLCAneela Cox08/31/2020
Alan Coulson, M.D., P.L.L.C.Cohen Cox CPA12/14/2005
Alan Gwertzman, M.D., PAAlan Gwertzman10/15/2018
Albemarle Allergy & Asthma, P.CTimothy Alexander Tolson, M.D.04/19/1996
Albemarle Anesthesiology, P.A.Michael R. Bohnsack06/04/2002
Albemarle Ear, Nose & Throat, Asthma And Allergy Assoc., P.A.Margaret R. Donohoe, MD05/18/1998
Albemarle Eye Center, P.L.L.C.Jitendra Swarup01/21/1999
Albemarle Gastroenterology Associates, P.C.Steven M. Faber, M.D.02/24/1993
Albemarle Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, PLLCLouis C. Kandl, MD01/24/2007
Albemarle Medical Associates, P.L.L.C.Tejwant S. Chandi05/09/2000
Albemarle Nephrology, PLLCKarl Brandspigel, MD11/29/2006
Albemarle Pulmonary Medicine Associates P.A.Jasvinder Pal Singh, M.D.05/06/1997
Albemarle Readers, P.A.Lindsey L. White, M.D.11/21/2000
Albemarle Women's Clinic, P.A.JOHN SHEN MD07/01/1977
Albert A. Verrilli, M.D., P.A.Albert A. Verrilli, M.D.06/01/1992
Albert B. Anderson, M.D.Albert B. Anderson06/07/2004
Albert L. Salas, M.D., P.A.J. Mitchell Aberman01/29/2007
ALBERT WHITAKER, JR., MD, PAAlbert Whitaker, Jr.06/10/2011
Albertson, PLLCElizabeth Albertson10/17/2018
Alchemy Associates, P.A.Blanco Tackabery & Matamoros, P.A.02/25/2010
Alech Health,PLLCAmanze Ugoji, MD03/13/2012
Alegis Care - North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company07/21/2020
Alexander Internal Medicine, P.A.H. Anthony Alexander, M.D.03/05/2004
Alexander N. Newman, M.D., P.A.Warner Law Offices, PLLC03/21/2000
Alexandra N. Powell, M.D., P.A.W. H. Lambe, Jr.05/30/2002
Alfa Medical Clinic, P.A.Francis Obeng, MD06/24/2005
Ali Lung Clinic, PCMir Mustafa Ali, M.D.01/05/2016
Alicia Carter, MD, PLLCAlicia Carter, M.D.06/02/2008
Alicia M. Carroll, MD Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, PLLCAlicia M. Carroll, MD12/22/2004
Aligned Imaging NC, P.C.CT Corporation System02/13/2020
Alignment Behavioral Consulting, PLLCDavid C. Cook, M.D.05/05/2011
Alignment Healthcare Medical Associates PCC T Corporation System12/18/2014
Alkadhi Consulting, PLLCYousif Alkadhi06/08/2018
All About Aesthetics, PCDeborah Kessler Hudak, M.D., M.H.A.07/08/2005
All American Allergy & Immunotherapy, PLLC Sanjiv S. Dalvi11/06/2017
All American Imaging, PLLCFred A. Caruso, M.D.03/18/2003
All American Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C.Jerome V. Ponder, M.D.03/26/2004
All American Weight Loss and Wellness, PLLCJorge L. Caceres Jr.07/19/2018
All Numbed Up PLLCJC Gerancher, M.D.12/16/2013
All-American Health and Wellness, PARobert A. Clinton, Jr.01/05/2017
Allan Foodman, M.D., P.A.Allan Foodman02/27/2020
Allan W. Redash M.D., PLLCAllan W. Redash, M.D.07/01/2015
Allay Health and Wellness Clinic, PLLCCamilla Potts Leonard12/05/2018
Allayant Pain Management, PCBrian M. Bothe, M.D.07/22/2008
AllCare Clinical Associates, PLLCCorporation Services Company03/25/1971
AllCare Holdco, P.C.Corporation Service Company08/26/2020
Alleghany Family Practice, P.C.Mary C. Digel MD01/01/1982
Allen Aesthetic Surgery, P.A.Amber L. Allen08/30/2017
Allen B. Gilpin, M.D., P.A.Allen B. Gilpin, M.D.05/14/2009
Allen Melvin, MD, PAJean Allen Melvin, MD05/05/2008
Allen Orthopedics, PADavid R. Allen, MD07/29/1998
Allen Physicians, PLLCSusan Lovelle Allen10/29/2019
Allen Spine and Sports Medicine, P.C.Joanne Bell Allen M.D.10/11/2010
Allergenuity Health Associates PLLCNikhila Schroeder02/23/2018
Allergy and Asthma Care of Blakeney, PLLCSteven McEldowney, MD07/17/2008
Allergy and Asthma Center of North Carolina, P.A.J.A.Bardelas, M.D.09/28/1999
Allergy Partners, PLLCDenise C Yarborough09/21/1979
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Relief, P.A.Maeve E. O'Connor, M.D09/11/2012
Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, P.A.Gurdev Judge, M.D.01/15/2002
Alliance Medical Associates, PLLCShaukat A. Khan04/26/2007
Alliance Urology Specialists, P.A.John J. Wrenn, MD03/30/1999
Allied Medical Services PLLCJoseph J. Yurigan, Jr., D.O.06/18/2015
ALLMED CLINIC, P.A.Md Abu Zahed Karim, MD03/08/2011
Allora Medical Spa, PLLCLawrence S. Carter, Jr08/25/2005
ALLURE AESTHETICS & MEDICAL SPA, PLLCGabriel Fernandez04/18/2018
Allure Medical Spa, P.L.L.C.URS Agents, LLC12/20/2018
Allyson J. Whyte, PLLCAllyson Jean Whyte06/22/2016
Alonzo James Davis, IV, MD, PhD, PCAlonzo James Davis, IV, MD, PhD08/25/2003
Alpha Clinics, P.A.Edwin A. Avbuere, M.D.04/08/2002
Alpha Health & Wellness, DPC, PLLCLeslie Ware11/06/2017
Alpha Medical Center, P.A.Babatunde Abiodun Ojo01/22/2003
Alpha Primary Care, PAEdwin Avbuere, MD03/26/2009
Alpha Psychiatric Associates PLLCRavi Upadhya07/16/2013
Alton Williams, PLLCAlton Williams, M.D., J.D.03/22/2005
Altopiano Medical, PLLCMartin Sheehan01/14/2019
Alvi Prime Time Clinics, PLLCAlka V. Sachdeva, M. D.09/08/2010
Alvin J. Murn, MD, PCAlvin J. Murn03/08/2017
Amanda L. Cheshire, M.D., PLLCInCorp Services, Inc.12/02/2016
Amara Pain & Spine, PLLCAshvin K Amara, M.D.07/03/2013
Amarika Family Medicine, P.C.Vijay R. Dhoopati, M.D.05/28/2003
Ambulatory Anesthesia of Pinehurst, P.A.Lawrence B. Place, M.D.07/08/2005
Amelia Aesthetics, PLLCJeremy W. Pyle04/18/2002
American Access Care of NC, PLLCDean M. McCord10/03/2011
American Anesthesiology of North Carolina, PLLCCT Corporation System06/06/2011
American Anesthesiology of the Southeast, PLLCCT Corporation System09/14/2010
American Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates - NC, PLLCCorporation Services Company05/10/2016
American Current Care of North Carolina, P.C.C T CORPORATION SYSTEM02/06/2008
American Ecare Telehealth PLLCMohammad Abul Kalam Khan03/31/2020
American Family Care Fuquay, PLLCJoseph Zucker06/17/2019
American Oncology Partners, P.A.C T Corporation System10/24/2019
Americare Health, P.C.Fidelis U-Edosomwan, M.D.01/25/1999
Ameritech Diagnostics Lab, PLLCRachid Idrissi, M.D.08/20/2015
Amery Medical Group, PLLCSahar Amery09/10/2018
AMG MED SPA,PLLCEric Ibegbu03/22/2018
AMG Research, PLLCIkechukwu Eric Ibegbu, M.D.03/23/2010
Aminu Mohammed Medical PLLCAminu I Mohammed08/22/2018
Amishi Shah, MD PLLCAmishi Shah07/11/2017
Amity Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates, P.A.Donald S. Horner, M.D.04/22/1993
AMN Medical Group II, PLLCAlan M. Nadour05/30/2018
AMN Medical Group, PLLCAlan. M. Nadour05/30/2018
Amputation Prevention Center of North Carolina, PLLCSiddhartha Rao02/12/2020
AMS North Carolina, PLLCCorporation Service Company10/12/2018
Amsol Physicians of Elkin, N.C., P.L.L.C.InCorp Services, Inc.07/16/2004
Amy Dawn Fairchild, MD PLLCSalomon Neftalie Cohen08/15/2012
Amy J. Shipley, MD, PLLCAmy J. Shipley, M.D.08/13/2013
Amy L Lark, MD, PLLCAmy L Lark06/19/2019
AnAmCare Elder Health Services, PLLCHiep T. Pham07/22/2016
Anand Joshi MD, PLLCAnand Joshi03/23/2018
Ananda Wellness Center PLLCArthi Khazanchi12/16/2019
Anant B. Soni M.D. P.A.Anant B. Soni M.D.01/23/1997
Andelana Anti-Aging Wellness and Aesthetic Center, Ltd.Susane Habashi-Ahigian, M.D.11/02/2009
Anderson Family Medicine, P.A.Evelyn Kelly Anderson, MD03/07/1995
Anderson Medical Enterprises, P.C.Christopher A. Anderson, MD06/06/2007
Andre K S Tse M.D., P. A.Andre K S Tse M.D.08/01/1979
Andrew J Krieger PLLCAndrew Krieger12/21/2017
Andrew J. Hutchinson, DO, PAAndrew J Hutchinson, DO01/30/2003
Andrew R. Brant, M.D., P.A.Douglas L. Hall06/03/2005
Andrew R. Newberg, M.D., PLLCAndrew R. Newberg, M.D.09/17/2010
Andrews Internal Medicine PAGary Roper MD10/04/1993
Andrus & Associates Dermatology, P.A.Wilson Ratledge, PLLC09/20/1996
Andy Halberg, DO, PCANDY HALBERG08/12/2019
Anesthesia Care Services, P.A.Shanna Stoter02/10/2015
ANESTHESIA CARE, PLLCDavid L. Ward Jr08/31/1995
Anesthesia Medical Group of Carolina, PLLCAlina M Grigore06/12/2018
Anesthesia, PLLCRobin Dimitrious, M.D.11/24/2014
Anesthesiology Consultants of Carolina, PLLCMark G. Zukaitis, M.D.04/26/2002
Anesthesiology Consultants of North Carolina, PLLCGAVIN J REARDON10/13/2017
Anesthesiology Consultants, P.A.Everett Lavern Perry, M.D.04/18/2002
Anesthetix of Lexington, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/17/2004
Anewalt Family Medicine, PLLCJessica Anewalt09/15/2020
Angela K Louie, PLLCAngela K. Louie, M.D.05/11/2010
Angela N. Hutzenbuhler, MD, Gastroenterology, P.A.David T. Hutzenbuhler10/05/2009
Angier Pediatrics and Adult Medical Center, PLLCKingsley C. Ugochukwu, MD02/25/2008
ANI Neurology PLLCMohammad R Bolouri04/07/2008
Anjan Medical Management, PLLCAnthony Njapa, D.O.07/23/2007
Anjoday Healthcare Solutions, PLLCFlorence A. Bowens, Esquire12/08/2017
Ann Batista, MD, PLLCAnn Batista, MD04/21/2020
Anna Kalika D.O., PAAnna Pevzner-Kalika, D.O.07/18/2011
Anne Arundel Dermatology North Carolina, P.C.National Registered Agents, Inc.01/06/2017
Anne Arundel Dermatology, P. A.Northwest Registered Agent, Inc.03/10/2014
Anne C. Hines, M.D., P.L.L.C.Charlot Wood JD11/16/1998
ANP Services PLLCJon-Michael Devine10/19/2016
Anquilo, PLLCLouie A. Anquilo, MD02/19/2010
Anson Pediatrics, P.C.Sarah P. Elliott, MD06/04/2002
Anthony Chung, M.D., P.C.Anthony Chung03/06/2017
Anthony Congeni MD PLLCAnthony J Congeni MD08/11/2020
Anthony Duarte, MD, PAAnthony Duarte08/24/2016
Anthony F. Azzi, MD, PLLCAnthony F. Azzi01/09/2018
Anthony Medical Clinic, P.A.William Edward Anthony Jr07/27/1993
Anti Aging & Functional Medicine Center, P.C.Arthur David Zacco, D.O.12/15/1997
Anti-Aging Medispa, PLLCPrutha Patel06/21/2018
Antoinette W. Wall, M.D., P.A.Antoinette W. Wall, M.D.08/11/1989
Antonio M. Bird, MD, PAAntonio M. Bird, M.D.10/15/2001
Anyokot Medical, P. C.Juliet Anyokot Ekatan06/10/2014
Apeiron Medical, PCDaniel L. Stickler07/14/2015
Apex Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein10/25/2005
Apex Medical Skin & Aesthetics, P.A.Sven Bockholdt10/06/2015
Apex Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.L.L.C.Lanford Peck05/18/2010
Apex Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic, P.A.Donald W. Grimes03/25/2008
Apogee Medical Group, North Carolina, P.C.Corporations Service Company02/24/2011
Apollo Interventional Pain Center Inc.Sunil Dogra, M.D.01/23/2009
Apollo Medicine, PLLCPhilippe Bulauitan04/01/2019
APP of North Carolina ED, PLLCCogency Global Inc.01/28/2020
APP of North Carolina HM, PLLCCogency Global Inc.01/28/2020
Appalachian Emergency Care PLLCMatthew Riester03/19/2020
Appalachian Family Practice, P.A.Timothy P. Dailey, M.D.03/11/2005
Appalachian Regional Pain Center, P.A.Daniel H. Nguyen06/21/1994
Appalachian Wellness Center PLLCRJ Oenbrink DO06/16/2015
Aravind Chandra Internal Medicine PLLCPunita Ahuja CPA PLLC02/07/2018
Arcadia Pathology Network, PLLCHong Li06/20/2016
Archdale Family Practice, P.A.Mark C. Beck, M.D.07/01/1986
Archdale Medical Associates, P.A.Shohreh Taavoni, M.D.04/26/2002
Arden Psychiatry, PLLCLawrence Ralph Jones12/07/2017
Ardmore Family Practice, P.A.John W. Babcock03/08/1999
Ariashi, PLLCVijaykumar Ramniklal Jarsania, M.D.12/20/2012
Aris Radiology Professionals of Michigan P.C.C T Corporation System08/05/2015
Arman C. Moshyedi, MD, PLLCCorporation Services Company02/13/2017
Arms of Morpheus PLLCDaniel P Mulcrone09/15/2020
Armstrong Neurology, P.A.Dennis A. Whitling03/19/2008
Arruya I, PLLCJameel Audeh, M.D.12/21/2015
Artemis Assist, PLLCNorthwest Registered Agent Service, Inc07/11/2019
Arthritis And Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas, P.A.Joy Hord05/12/2000
Arthritis and Rehabilitation Medicine, PLLCUnited States Corporation Agents, Inc11/30/2016
Arthur F. Carter, MD, PAArthur F. Carter, M.D., PA11/01/1982
Arthur T. Fajardo MD, PCArthur T. Fajardo, MD08/05/2013
Ascend Health PLLCURS Agents, LLC05/10/2019
Ashbrook Radiology, PLLCFrank Bonomo05/05/2006
Asheboro Digestive Disease Clinic, P.A.Timothy J. Misenheimer, M.D.07/05/2002
Asheboro Emergency Physicians P.A.Robert W. Saunders06/19/1997
Asheboro Psychiatric Services, P.L.L.C.Swaruparani V. Gulllapalli MD08/01/2008
Asheboro Urology Clinic, P.A.Daljit S. Caberwal M.D.06/01/1977
Asheville Addiction Consultants, P.A.Shaun A. Ingersoll07/01/1991
Asheville Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.A.MWB Corporate Services, LLC04/20/2011
Asheville Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center, P.A.Ellison Smith07/01/1984
Asheville Childrens' Medical Center, P.A.Brigette D. Fogleman, M.D.12/22/1992
Asheville Dermatology Professionals PCHeather J. Higgins10/31/2018
Asheville Direct MD, PLLCMichael S. Weizman01/25/2018
Asheville Ear, Nose and Throat, P.A.Stephen R. Seal, M.D.04/01/1971
Asheville Endocrinology Consultants, P.A.Richard C. Dodd, MD09/01/1983
Asheville Eye Associates, P.L.L.C.Robert E. Wiggins Jr MD04/10/1996
Asheville Gynecology & Wellness PLLCVicky Scott, D.O.12/10/2014
Asheville Heart, P.A.Oliver A. R. Binns, M.D.10/01/1972
Asheville Integrative Medicine, P.A.James Biddle, M.D.05/08/1997
Asheville Internal Medicine Assoc., P.A.Hal Steven Hemme, M.D.09/01/1986
Asheville Neurology Specialists, P.A.Robert F. Armstrong, M.D.03/18/2004
Asheville Non-Surgical Orthopedics, PLLCJames Pinkston04/27/2020
Asheville Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.Samuel David Jarrett, M.D.01/15/2004
Asheville Pediatric Associates, P.A.Margie Scully11/01/1970
Asheville Plastic Sugery, P.A.James M. McDonough MD01/01/1982
Asheville Pulmonary And Critical Care Associates, P.A.Mark A. Hellreich, M.D.05/01/1980
Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.Andy P. Brown, MD03/01/1970
Asheville Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PLLCChristie Lehman09/14/2020
Asheville Urological Assoc., Inc.James C. Brien, MD07/01/1971
Asheville Wellness Center, P.A.Dennis A. Whitling11/01/2004
Asheville Women's Medical Center, P.A.Michelle S. White11/01/1977
Ashewell Medical Group, P.A.Carly Brown04/26/2016
ASJ Post Acute Services, PLLCSandy Van Every06/17/2020
aspire2health, P. A.John J. Kelly, M.D.11/12/2014
Associated Urologists of North Carolina, PAMarc D Benevides, M.D.04/07/2010
Associates in Intelligent Psychiatry, PLLCKyle Y Long04/09/2019
Associates In Women's Health Care, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein, Esq.11/14/2000
Asthma & Allergy Specialists, P.A.Charles Thomas Humphries M.D.02/03/1995
Aswad Surgical Group, PCDr. Margo A. Aswad12/14/2005
At Home Primary Care, PLLCAnita E Rogers04/21/2020
Atkins Family Practice, P.A.Wendy Yvonne Shropshire-Atkins02/01/2017
Atkinson Emergency Medicine, PLLCKendra D. Atkinson08/29/2014
Atlantic Coast Psychiatry, P.L.L.C.William M. Black, Jr.04/30/2020
Atlantic Critical Care Services, P.A.Waslaw, LLC02/05/2015
Atlantic Dermatology, P.A.Jonathan Crane09/30/2016
Atlantic Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center, P.A.Thomas M. Sturgis10/25/2005
Atlantic Gastroenterology, P.A.Thomas M. Sturgis01/31/2005
Atlantic Internal Medicine P.A.Richard D. Crane MD09/25/1997
Atlantic Medical Group, PCIkechukwu Eric Ibegbu, MD03/24/2010
Atlantic Neurosurgical & Spine Specialists, P.A.WASLAW, LLC06/19/2003
Atlantic Oral Implant and Facial Surgery, P.A.Edward S. Alessandrini, DMD, MD10/05/2005
Atlantic Pain Consultants, PLLCJohn D. Love01/25/2012
Atlantic Pain Management & Rehabilitation, P.C.Theodore W. Nicholas, MD05/01/2002
ATLANTIC PAIN MEDICINE, P.A.David P. Lensch, M.D.12/09/1999
Atlantic Pathology Group, P.A.David W. Eckert, M.D.09/16/2005
Atlantic Pulmonary Associates, P.A.Albrecht M. Heyder, M.D06/02/1995
Atlantic Radiology Associates, P.A.Davis Mangum PLLC02/01/1990
Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists, P.A.Daniels & Daniels, P.A.03/08/2012
Atlantic Sleep Centers, PLLCLaurie G. Peregoy07/17/2007
ATUCHANG MEDICAL GROUP, P.C.Charles Anuju Fotuchang, MD03/07/2012
Atul Kantesaria, MD, PLLCAtul Kantesaria, MD05/22/2006
Audrey F. Echt, M.D., P.A.Audrey F. Echt, M.D.06/22/2000
Aulander Medical Practice, P.A.Semaan El-Khoury, M.D.12/17/2004
Aura PLLCSudipta Mazumder07/13/2016
Austringer Anesthesia PLLCNorthwest Registered Agent Service, Inc09/25/2017
Autologous Solutions, PLLCOliver A. R. Binns, M.D.06/20/2008
Autopsy, PCUnited States Corporation Agents. Inc.10/15/2018
Avail Aesthetics, PLLCNathan Davis03/19/2020
Avance Care, P.A.Manish Patel07/19/2007
Avant Medical Consulting, PLLCKevin M. Sayed04/04/2019
Ave Maria Family Practice, PLLCWASLAW, LLC11/18/2011
AVIA Medical Aesthetics, PLLCMatthew Kendrick Rapp06/19/2019
Awaken Med Spa of Clayton, PLLCMazen Khusayem05/09/2019
Awaken Skin and Body, PLLCJill Vargo, M.D.02/13/2015
Awakenings Infusion Center of North Carolina, P.L.L.C.Anthony Chung02/25/2019
AWE Medical, PLLCAmy Wilson11/16/2017
Axis Care, PLLCBenjamin E. Pusser10/04/2012
Ayesha Nasir Med Spa, PLLCAyesha Nasir05/13/2019
Ayesha Nasir, MD, PLLCAyesha Nasir10/25/2011
Azalea Gynecology, P.A.PAMELA R. NOVOSEL, M.D12/11/1996
Azalea Skin Treatment Center, P.A.William S. Ketcham, M.D.03/06/2000
Aztek Medical Group, PLLCSean Siler08/02/2018
Azura Skin Care Center, PLLCJennie Kowaleski08/13/2015
Azure Medical Spa of Charlotte, PLLCSteven Weston04/25/2006
B. Kent Weathers, MD, PLLCB. Kent Weathers09/09/2020
BackFit Health and Spine Asheville PCJoseph Robert Anderson01/28/2020
BackFit Health and Spine Hendersonville PCJoseph Robert Anderson12/18/2019
Badie T. Clark, III, M.D., P.A.Badie T. Clark, III12/01/2017
Bailey Family Practice Center, P.A.Theodore G. Brna Jr M.D.11/01/1991
Bailey Health of North Carolina P.C.CAPITOL CORPORATE SERVICES, INC.02/23/2018
Bailliard Henry Pediatric Cardiology, PLLCFrederique Bailliard, M.D.08/29/2012
Baldwin Woods Gynecology, P.A.Samuel N. Wheatley, M.D.06/01/1979
Ball Dermpath, P.A.CR Services, LLC12/08/2011
Ballantyne Emergency Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company01/22/2020
Ballantyne Internal Medicine PLLCKetan B. Amin, M.D.05/21/2015
Ballantyne Medical Associates, PLLCSteven R. Bauer10/18/2006
Balsam Health of the Carolinas, PLLCRadwan Ibrahim04/24/2018
Barber Center for Plastic Surgery, P.A.W. Byron Barber, II09/30/2003
Barrett Medical Services, PLLCLinda L. Barrett04/30/2020
Barry Ostrow MD PABarry Ostrow, MD09/01/1984
Bartels Medical Associates, PLLCGeorge T. Bartels, MD03/08/2007
Barwick Orthopedics, PLLCJames F. Barwick Jr06/10/2016
Batish Medical Services, PLLCSanjay Batish, M.D.04/15/2004
Baum Psychiatric, PLLCStephan F. Baum, MD07/20/2006
Baywood Medical Center, PLLCLouis Michael Radnothy, D.O.05/15/2014
Beach Access Medical Clinic, PAShannon M. Sawin, MD06/19/2006
Beach Beautiful PLLCHeather Merrow12/18/2017
Beach Care, PCMitchell D. Meyer, M.D.03/03/2016
BEACH MEDICAL CARE, LTDJames S. Wilkinson, MD05/15/2013
BeachCare Urgent and Family Medical Center, PLLCRich Rappaport06/28/2011
Beatrice Y. Brewington, PLLCBeatrice Y. Brewington, MD08/06/2008
Beatty Medical Consulting, P.C.Michael A. Beatty, M.D.08/07/2012
Beaufort County Emergency Physicians, PLLCCT Corporation System11/04/2008
Beautiful Mind Behavioral Health Services, PLLCSpencer E. Simon05/07/2018
Beauty Bar Medispa, PLLCMelissa Beretich, M.D.08/18/2014
Beavers Dermatology & Skin Surgery, P.L.L.C.Clarence H. Beavers, M.D.02/07/2011
Beck Aesthetic Surgery, P.A.Paracorp Incorporated05/25/2018
Beckford Avenue Medical Center, Inc.James E Kenney11/01/1971
Becoming MedSpa, PLLCDavid Lipsitz, MD12/18/2018
Bednar Cosmetic Surgery PLLCEdward J. Bednar, M.D.09/02/2010
Beeper Medical Group North Carolina, P.C.National Registered Agents, Inc.07/25/2019
Behavioral Health Specialists Medical Group (DE), P.A.Registered Agent Solutions, Inc.06/26/2017
Bell Medical Staffing Services, PLLCRobert B. Bell, PA-C12/22/2015
Bella Pella, PLLCMark Randolph, PA-C08/08/2012
Bella Visage, PLLCKatherine Volatile10/31/2016
BELLEVI MEDSPA, PLLCBrian Bechtol11/25/2019
Belmont Medical Associates, PLLCLawrence J. Fusco MD06/19/2003
Belmont Psychiatry & Counseling Services, PLLCPhil Orb Johns Jr 08/31/2020
Benedetto Anthony Iacovelli, MD, PCBenedetto Anthony Iacovelli, MD07/08/2010
Benjamin F. Guiney Jr, MD, PLLCBenjamin F GUINEY Jr03/17/2014
Bennett Family Medicine, P.C.Ward Bennett, M.D.12/01/1999
Benson Medical PLLC Richard Thomas Benson II02/06/2019
Benton Integrative Medicine PLLCCammy Benton, M.D.03/02/2016
Bertrand Radiology Services, PLLCMargaret Bertrand06/24/2005
Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling, P.C.Robert Kepler Matlack, Jr.12/02/2003
Best Vision, PLLCDamien Macaluso, MD04/18/2019, PLLCLeonardo Kapural08/27/2020
Besufekad, PLLCKaren McKeithen Schaede, Esq.04/03/2018
Bethany Medical Center, P. A.Brian P. Gavigan04/01/1987
Bethesda Integrative Medicine, PCNina D. Lucas03/08/2017
Bethlehem Direct Care, PLLCJill M. DeVries10/15/2018
Better Living Visiting Physicians, P.L.L.C.Hongjae Kim01/27/2011
BetterMed of North Carolina, PLLCJonathan Sumrell08/14/2019
Beverly Nicholas Jones, III, M.D., P.A.Beverly Nicholas Jones, III, M.D.11/17/2003
Beverly R. Goode D.O. P.C.BEVERLY R GOODE, DO12/26/1996
Beyond Wellness Medical, PLLCBradley Watling08/26/2020
Biltmore Associates In Psychiatry, PAPhilip S. Kiratzis, MD12/01/1985
Biltmore Center for Weight Loss, Inc.Thomas W. Rennard, M.D.12/01/2008
Biltmore Dermatology Associates, P.A.Lisa L. May, M.D.02/26/2001
Biltmore Family Medicine, PLLCJoseph Robert Anderson, M.D.12/22/2003
Biltmore Medical Associates, P.A.Thomas Rennard, MD01/01/1973
Biltmore Plastic Surgery, P.A.David H. Harley, MD08/08/2007
Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetic, PLLCGeorge K. Ibrahim, MD11/09/2012
Binford Emergency Services, P.A.John C. Binford05/13/2016
Biobility, PLLCUma Darji03/18/2020
Bio-functional Med, PLLCJennifer Yap12/14/2016
BioSymmetry, P.C.Chris A. Pate, M.D.02/22/2011
Birth And Women's Care, P.A.Andre F. Hall, M.D.12/01/1987
Bishop Medical, PLLCHeidi Bishop09/05/2017
BL Price, Jr. Medical Consultants, P.L.L.C.Billy Lee Price, Jr, M.D.04/08/2014
Blair Walden, PLLCWilliam Blair Walden03/10/2020
Bland Clinic, P.A.Veita J. Bland, M.D.07/27/1993
Bliss Medical Group, P.A.Charles Gordon Brown01/21/2010
Blowing Rock Plastic Surgery, PLLCMark Miller, M.D.08/22/2012
Blue Mountain Medicine, PLLCAnthony L. Fisher08/21/2019
Blue Plastic Surgery Center, PLLCMartin Blue01/11/2006
Blue Ridge Addiction Medicine, PACharles A. Buzzanell, M.D.04/14/2016
Blue Ridge Cardiology And Internal Medicine, P.A.Tomas Vybiral, M.D.12/29/1994
Blue Ridge Clinical Pathology, PLLCDr. Steven J. Bredehoeft10/16/2008
Blue Ridge Dermatology Associates, P.A.Lavanya V. Nagaraj, M.D.01/11/1999
Blue Ridge Dermatology, P. A.Michael J. Masters07/01/1985
Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat, Inc., P.A.Charles W. Ford M.D.12/18/1995
Blue Ridge Family Physicians, PLLCKirsten H. Avery, M. D.11/15/2001
Blue Ridge Family Practice & Sports Medicine, P.A.James J. Marnock, M.D.06/08/1998
Blue Ridge Medical Group, P.A.Mongy M. Ibrahim02/24/1998
Blue Ridge Nephrology, P.A.Robert Everett Qualheim, M.D.10/05/2005
Blue Ridge Pain Management and Palliative Care, P.A.Charles A. Buzzanell, M.D.11/24/1998
Blue Ridge Pain Management, PLLCBridget B. Florack08/01/2003
Blue Ridge Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, Inc.Jay C. Salsman05/01/1992
Blue Ridge Plastic Surgery Group, PLLCDamon P. Anagnos, M.D.04/22/2003
Blue Ridge Plastic Surgery, P.A.William L. Overstreet III06/11/1996
Blue Ridge Premier Medicine, PLLCCharles J. Cummings, M.D.09/09/2008
Blue Ridge Sedation Associates, PLLCInCorp Services, Inc.08/31/2017
Blue Ridge Urology, P.A.Cameron Hysmith05/23/2003
Blue Ridge Wellness Solutions PLLCLeslie A. Morgan11/26/2013
Blue Skies Family Medicine, PAKatherine Weeks, MD.06/23/2015
Blue Sky Pediatrics Asheville, P.A.Harald H. Kowa, M.D.02/02/2009
Blue Telepsych Urgent Care, PLLCAnna Margaret Chauncey Jazayeri04/01/2020
Blue Water Ear Nose & Throat, P.A.WASLAW, LLC12/08/2016
Blue Zone Island, PLLCDeborah N Meyer12/16/2019
Blueridge Anesthesia & Pain Treatment, P.C.Corporation Service Company12/19/2012
Blueridge Physicians Group, PLLCCorporation Service Company11/14/2011
Bluewater Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, P.A.Thomas James Braza05/24/2017
Blum Medical PLLCMargaret Maytan11/06/2019
BMI Wellness Concepts, PLLCSherri Y. James, MD03/27/2017
Bobbie Gupta, MD., P.C.Carol K. Silverstein09/11/2002
Bobby P. Kearney, MD, Pain Management, PLLCBobby P. Kearney, MD01/09/2007
Body Mind & Spirit Integrative Wellness, PLLCShawn Johnson, DO, MS06/23/2020
BodyLase Cary, P.C.Karen Albright12/20/2011
BodyLase, P.C.Karen Albright12/20/2011
Boice-Willis Clinic, P. A.Martha Chesnutt, MD01/01/1973
Boiling Spring Lakes Family Medicine, P.C.Dr. Domenic A. Palagruto II08/03/2004
Boiling Springs Minor Care PLLCSteven A. Smith, M.D.10/13/2014
Boiling Springs Pediatric and Family Medicine, PLLCMichael Grossell, D.O.07/24/2006
Bomray Medical Clinic, Inc.Patrick Evivie05/30/1996
BONNIE M. DEAN, M.D., P.A.BONNIE M. DEAN, M.D.04/14/2015
Bonnie McGee MD, P.C.Bonnie Lynn McGee, MD06/11/2004
Boone Dermatology Clinic, P.A.Ronald J. Stanley M.D.09/01/1978
Boone Neurological Services, P.A.Suzanne E. McAdams M.D.12/03/1997
Border Clinic, P.A.Claudia Mercado02/23/2018
Bosley Medical Group, P.C.Corporation Service Company03/20/2007
Botros & Pollock, P.A.Hoke D. Pollock M.D.12/27/1994
Bowe Health PLLCCrystal C Bowe, M.D., MPH01/24/2013
Bowen Primary & Urgent Care, P.A.Samuel Timothy Bowen, MD08/25/1997
Bowling Orthopaedics, P.A.Jack W. Bowling02/24/2017
Box Arthritis & Rheumatology of the Carolinas, PLLCEmily Jane Box01/04/2010
BOXR Health, PLLCJames Roland Roberson01/29/2020
Boyette Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein04/13/2010
Brader Medicine PLLCTracy Brader08/19/2020
Bradford K. Faulkenberry, M.D. P.A.Bradford K Faulkenberry, MD06/05/1997
Brady J. Semmel, DMD, M.D., P.A.Brady J. Semmel, DMD, MD08/14/2002
Brain Health, PLLCVernon Alexander Gardner III04/01/2020
Brain Restoration Clinic, PLLCJean-Ronel Corbier11/20/2013
Brandon Gynecology Associates, P.A.Rochelle Monique Brandon, M.D.04/08/2013
Brandon Valent, PLLCBrandon Valent11/13/2019
Brannon Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.A.H. Lawrence Warner, Jr.12/03/1996
Braunstein Neurology, P.L.L.C.Andrew J. Braunstein, D.O.04/15/2004
Brave Health Medical Group, P.A.Corporation Service Company03/25/2020
Bream Medical PLLCJohn David Bream06/27/2017
Breast Care Specialists of Carolina, PLLCPrincess Thomas, MD07/11/2019
Brian Ritchie Lewis, MD MPH PCBrian Ritchie Lewis, M.D.12/23/2013
Brian Shields, D.O., P.A.Brian Shields, D.O.07/08/2015
Brian T. Szura MD PABrian T. Szura MD02/04/1994
Brianna Crosby, M.D., PLLCBrianna Crosby08/31/2018
Brick City Primary Care, PLLCDana L. Garrett, M.D.04/06/2009
Brie Folkner, M.D., P.C.Brie Folkner, M.D.05/09/2014
Brier Creek Integrated Pain & Spine, PLLCRobert D. Wadley, MD04/11/2007
Brightside Medical of New Jersey, P.C.820 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, NJ 0862809/11/2020
Brightview Psychiatry Solutions PLLCJessica Rivers Allen03/10/2020
BRMG-PCTomas Vybiral, M.D.06/05/2013
Brooke S. Rambally, MD, PLLCBrooke S. Rambally07/06/2016
Brookview Women's Center, P.L.L.C.DONALD E PITTAWAY MD05/31/1996
Brosnan Eye Associates, P.A.Walter Hawkins Brosnan, M.D.10/19/2001
Broughton Medical Services, PLLCJustin Broughton, MD05/12/2009
Browne Medical Services, PLLCDavid W. McNeish06/03/2020
Brown's Women's Care, P.A.Heather Leslie-Brown, M.D.12/04/2009
Bruce Downes, M.D., PLLCBruce Downes, M.D.10/14/2013
Bruce S. Whitman, D.O., P.C.Bruce S. Whitman12/16/2009
Brunswick Cardiology, P.C.Jeffrey David Seder MD05/01/1992
Brunswick Family Medicine, P.A.Slade A. Suchecki, DO03/20/2006
Brunswick OB/GYN, P.A.Owen T. Regan, MD09/09/2002
Brunswick Physician Partners, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/03/2018
Bryan D Lewis PA-C Healthcare PLLCBryan D. Lewis 06/15/2020
Bryan Greene Smith P.L.L.C.Bryan Greene Smith, M.D.03/18/2015
Bryan Medical and Wellness, PLLCDaniel Justin Bryan04/23/2019
Bryan R. Neuwirth, DDS, MD P.C.Bryan R. Neuwirth M.D.02/19/1996
Bryan Weckel, MD, Family Medicine, PLLCBryan M. Weckel, M.D.09/23/2004
Buchsbaum Medical, PLLCMichael Buchsbaum, MD04/07/2010
Buena Vista Eye, PCJames D. Wall04/09/2001
Buffco PLLCTimothy Buff08/06/2018
Buglisi Eye Care, PLLCJoseph A. Buglisi, Jr., D.O.11/30/2011
Bul & Lam, PLLCManuel E Bulauitan07/22/2019
Bull City Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company06/08/2017
Bunn Medical Associates, P.A.Barry D. Bunn, M.D.01/12/2000
Bunn Medical Center, P.A.Dhruva Kumar M.D.12/19/1995
Burgaw Medical Center, P.C.Mostafa Rezk11/17/2005
Burke Primary Care PLLCTimothy M. Robinson, MD10/13/1994
Burkhart Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology, PLLCCraig N. Burkhart03/27/2019
Burlington Pediatrics, P. A.Yun L. Boylston, MD07/01/1978
Burn and Reconstructive Centers of North Carolina, PLLCC T Corporation System06/22/2020
Burnside Medical Services, P.L.L.C.Patrick R. Burnside11/23/2016
Burpee Medical, PLLCElizabeth K. Burpee10/29/2019
Burrell Family & Obstetrical Care, P.A.Adam W. Burrell, MD08/17/1999
BWS Radiology, P.C.Bertrand W. Schlam08/10/2016
Byrnett Surgical Associates, PLLCJeffrey W. Byrnett08/11/2020
C I D, PAChukwuemeka Chima, MD05/22/2006
C Wesley Medical Group PLLCCynthia M. Wesley05/14/2020
C. Pamela Lowe-Hoyte, MD, MPH, PLLCC. Pamela Lowe-Hoyte, MD, MPH08/21/2008
C.L. McMickens, MD PLLC Courtney McMickens08/05/2019
C.M. Healthcare, PLLCRegistered Agents Inc.04/06/2016
Cabarrus Eye Center, P.A.Jason P Handler05/01/1970
Cabarrus Gastroenterology Associates, PLLCMark D. Aldous, M.D.12/06/2013
Cabarrus Pathology Associates P.A.Elizabeth H. Prichard, M.D.01/01/1991
Cabral Internal Medicine, PLLCDavid I. Cabral, MD04/07/2010
CAG Medical, PLLCChristopher A. Gilmore, M.D.10/22/2014
Calabretta Cosmetic Surgery Center, P.L.L.C.Arthur M. Calabretta, M.D.10/19/1999
Caldwell Family Physicians, P.A.Marc Guerra, M.D.08/17/2001
Callisto Pediatrics, PLLCTara Moon07/21/2020
Calvary Pediatrics, P.C.Ogiemwonyi E. Asemota09/11/2003
Cambridge Medical Consultants PLLCMarc Calabrese12/11/2018
Cameron Medical Associates, P.A.Morton Meltzer M.D.06/01/1974
CAMI SURGERY CENTER PLLCStephen Giordano05/24/2018
Campbell Ear, Nose and Throat, P.A.J. P. Campbell, M.D.03/06/2005
Cannon Family Health, PLLCDaniel F. Cannon, MD09/22/2011
Cape Center Medicine, PLLCSandip S. Patel, M.D.04/15/2015
Cape Center Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.A.Camille J. Wahbeh, M.D.01/24/2001
Cape Fear Aesthetics, PLLCEdward E. Dickerson, IV08/27/2004
Cape Fear Arthritis Care, PLLCDavid Howey Snow, M.D.03/06/2014
Cape Fear Cardiology Associates, P.A.Thor E. Klang, MD12/01/1988
Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, P.A.Brian J. Groat, M.D.11/20/2018
Cape Fear Center for Digestive Diseases, P.A.J. Wesley Jones MD06/01/1989
Cape Fear Eye Associates, P.A.Michael Williams10/13/1993
Cape Fear Family Medical Care, P.A.Raymond A. Gaskins, Jr., M.D.07/01/1980
Cape Fear Medical Research, PLLCVictor E. Abraham, M.D.01/05/2016
Cape Fear Neonatology Service, P.A.Thomas A. Ciszek, M.D.11/01/1985
Cape Fear Orthopaedic Clinic, P.A.Bradley J. Boussard, M.D.07/01/1973
Cape Fear Otolaryngology, P.A.Eric L. Mansfield, M.D.08/20/2001
Cape Fear Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Associates, PLLCMeisha Abbasinejad, M.D.03/22/2005
Cape Fear Plastic Surgery P.A.Stephen M. Herring03/29/1995
Cape Fear Retinal Associates, P.C.Robert L. Brownlow, Jr., MD06/20/2006
Cape Fear River Emergency Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company10/24/2012
Cape Fear Sports Medicine, P.A.Dale W. Boyd, Jr., M.D.10/18/2001
Cape Fear Vascular and Vein Center, P.C.Thomas David Eskew Jr07/21/2016
CapeSide Addiction Care, PLLCBarry A. Moore, M.D.07/02/2014
CapeSide Psychiatry, PLLCBarry A. Moore, M.D.07/02/2014
Capital Area Psychiatric Associates, P.L.L.C.Hasan A. Baloch, M.D.05/14/2010
Capital Dermatology of NC, PLLCMichael Steele08/08/2017
Capital Endocrine Consultants, PALioubov Boulkina08/01/1982
Capital Eye Center PAAlbert R. Munn, III, M.D.09/01/1989
Capital Family Medicine, P. A.RICHARD J FORSYTH MD07/01/1981
Capital Family Physicians, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein, Esq.10/16/2001
Capital Heart Associates, P.A.James G. Scanlan MD05/11/1990
Capital Internal Medicine & Geriatrics, P.A.Deborah N. Meyer02/03/1998
Capital Medical Group, P.A.Lindwood A. Robinson, M.D.03/26/2004
Capital Nephrology Associates P.A.Fred S. Jones, President01/01/1991
Capital Neurology and Headache Center, P.A.David Harry Cook03/18/2004
Capital Neuroscience, P.A.James Timothy Patrick, M.D.12/04/1995
Capital Primary Medicine and Nutrition Center, P.A.Eva Maria Manitius, M.D.11/03/1999
Capitol Pediatrics and Adolescent Center, P.L.L.C.E. Ruffin Franklin, M.D.02/21/2000
Carden Oncology, PLLCAndres Carden05/17/2017
Cardiac Wellness Imaging, PLLCLee A. Surkin, M.D.08/21/2009
Cardiac Wellness Specialists, P.A.Lee A. Surkin, M.D.07/02/2004
Cardinal Heart & Vascular, PLLCSuriya Bandara Jayawardena05/30/2017
Cardiology Associates of the Carolinas, P.A.Roger L. Seagle, M.D.11/01/1984
Cardiology Diagnostic Associates PLLCMartin James Sullivan, M.D.01/05/2016
CardioSleep Diagnostics, PLLCLee A. Surkin03/27/2020
CardioSolution Physicians California, PCJulie Schoepf06/01/2020
Cardiovascular Center, P.A.WASLAW, LLC Registered Agent01/11/2006
Care 2 U Medical Services, PLLCPat Leigh Pittman06/07/2013
Care Fertility, PLLCCT Corporation System09/22/2020
CARE Plastic Surgery, P.A.Brian Coan, M.D.08/11/2008
CareFirst Medical Associates, PCJohnnie Lyles, MD, MBA08/05/2015
CareFirst Urgent Care PCHARI NADENDLA03/27/2017
CareHere Management, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/15/2014
CareMore Health NC, PCCT Corporation System09/09/2014
CareMore Medical Group of North Carolina, P.C.CT Corporation02/03/2020
Caring for the Body, P.L.L.C.Cynthia Libert07/05/2018
Carl C. Reid, III, PLLCCarl C. Reid, III, MD07/18/2008
Carl William McCord, M.D., PLLCCarl William McCord, M.D.06/19/2019
Carley Family Care, P.A.Kathleen Carley09/02/2005
Carmel Pediatrics, P.A.Ada B. Dickinson M.D.12/11/1995
Carohealth Associates, P.L.L.C.Anita Mehta, M.D.03/09/2000
Carol E. Moore MD PLLCT. Thomas Kangur, Jr.04/18/2016
Carol L Sena, MD, PCDonald Button, CPA04/30/2014
Carolina Acute Care & Wellness Center, P.A.Phillip M. Stephens10/25/2019
Carolina Addiction Consultants, P.C.Jay Fernando, MD03/17/2009
Carolina Advanced Wellness, PLLCJerry Saunders06/01/2020
Carolina Aesthetic and Weight Loss Center, P.A.Sameh K. Toma12/20/2011
Carolina Aesthetic Surgery Institute PLLCJosh Surowitz07/07/2015
Carolina Age Management Group, PLLCMichale Barber08/30/2016
Carolina Age Management Institute Rock Barn, PLLCStephen R. Giordano05/05/2020
Carolina Age Management Institute, P.C.Stephen R. Giordano, DO05/17/2010
Carolina Anesthesia and Pain Care PLLCFarooque S.A. Khan01/19/2010
Carolina Anesthesiology, P. A.John H. Vance, M.D.09/01/1983
Carolina Arthritis Associates, P.A.Mark D. Harris08/01/1991
Carolina Arthritis Center, P.A.Kyle C. Harner06/12/2001
Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center, P.A.J. Gray Norris, MD02/01/1979
Carolina Attention Specialists - Charlotte, PLLCCharles T. Humphries, MD03/08/2012
Carolina Attention Specialists - Greensboro, PLLCCharles T. Humphries04/25/2012
Carolina Attention Specialists - Matthews, PLLCCharles T. Humphries08/14/2019
Carolina Behavioral Care, P.A.Robert A. Fleury MD05/01/1992
Carolina BioOncology Institute, PLLCJohn D. Powderly, II, MD05/26/2005
Carolina Bone & Joint, P. A.John Franklin Babich, M.D.10/01/1978
Carolina Breast & Oncologic Surgery, PLLCNizar Habal, MD06/13/2005
Carolina Breast Care Specialists, P.A.Sean T. Canale, MD02/23/2006
Carolina Breast Imaging Specialists, PLLCBruce F. Schroeder, M.D.04/29/2013
Carolina Cape Fear Medical Group, P.A.Hari P. Saini, M.D.07/30/2013
Carolina Care - Urgent Care and Sports Medicine, PLLCRichard T. Ferro, M.D., CAQSM07/22/2013
Carolina Cataract & Laser Center, P.A.Vincent P. Dahringer, M.D.04/18/2000
Carolina CDU Specialists PAVictor Zuniga01/08/2018
Carolina Center for Occupational Medicine, P.A.Charles C. Goodno, M.D.04/10/2003
Carolina Center for Restorative Medicine, P.C.Kiara S. Eily, M.D.04/11/2011
Carolina Child Neurology PLLCShalaka Indulkar, M.D.11/06/2013
Carolina Child Psychiatric Services, PAJanardhana Rao Jonnalagadda, MD07/20/2009
Carolina Children's Eye Care, PAMartha Grace Patel08/21/2017
Carolina Children's Heart Specialists, P.A.David Lovell Fairbrother, M.D.09/23/2015
Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery, P.C.Jeff Pokorny, MD08/13/2009
Carolina Colon & Rectal Specialists PABrian L. Jerby08/03/2020
Carolina Colorectal Surgery, PCSankar Naidu Adusumilli, M.D.10/24/2007
Carolina Community Consultants, PLLCKenneth J. Headen, M.D.09/26/2013
Carolina Compassionate Care, PLLCKevin Baiko, M.D.02/07/2013
Carolina Complete Psychiatry, PLLCRachel L. Holzhauer, PA-C07/08/2015
Carolina Conceptions, P.A.William Robert Meyer, M.D.06/21/2004
Carolina Convenient Care, PLLCCraig A. Stevens, M.D.02/22/2016
Carolina Correctional Health, PLLCBruce J. Flitt, DO02/07/2007
Carolina Craniospinal Neurosurgery, P.L.L.C.Waxlaw, LLC02/25/1997
Carolina Dermatology and Endocrinology, PASanjay Tomar, MD12/28/2009
Carolina Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery, PABillie Forehand Cosgrove, MD09/03/2002
Carolina Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, PLLCBarbara Kissam, M.D.12/22/2015
Carolina Developmental Pediatrics, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein03/17/2006
Carolina Digestive Diseases Center, P.C.Austin Osemeka, M.D09/23/1997
Carolina Digestive Diseases, P.A.Phillip J Goldstein, M.D.05/10/2005
Carolina Digestive Health Associates, P.A.Anthony Colvin06/01/1982
Carolina Doctors Med Care, P.C.Surinder Dhawan03/01/2001
Carolina Ear and Hearing Clinic, P.C.John T. McElveen Jr MD02/18/1993
Carolina Ear Nose & Throat Sinus and Allergy Center, P.A.David E. Melon, M.D.07/08/1999
Carolina Ear Nose and Throat, PATimothy J. Heffron08/01/1992
Carolina East Family Medicine, P.A.WASLAW, LLC12/04/2004
Carolina Elite Women's Care, P.A.Randolph Scott08/07/2017
Carolina Endocrine, P.A.Warner Law Offices, PLLC03/06/2005
Carolina Endoscopy Services, PLLCRandall Lester Savell08/17/2017
Carolina Energetics, P.C.David N. Russell, M.D.11/20/2012
Carolina ENT Consultants, PLLCKim R. Jones04/21/2017
Carolina Express Clinic, PLLCGregory Scott Chambers, PA-C08/20/2013
Carolina Eye Associates, P. A.James R. Van Camp10/01/1977
Carolina Facial Plastics PLLCJonathan Kulbersh, M.D.02/07/2012
Carolina Family Care, P.A.Deepak R. Gelot M.D.01/19/1995
Carolina Family Clinic PABryson Goss05/24/2017
Carolina Family Healthcare, P.A.Dino Kanelos, M. D.06/07/2000
Carolina Family Medicine & Urgent Care, P.A.Menelaos A. Voulgaropoulos06/27/2003
Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine, P.A.James R. Stevens, M.D.02/05/2003
Carolina Family Practice Centre, P.A.J.L. Franco MD05/14/1993
Carolina Foot and Medical Care, P.A.Herman Chavis, MD05/06/2010
Carolina Gastroenterology Specialists, PLLCVENKATESH LAKSHMAN, MD09/22/2006
Carolina Gastroenterology, P.A.Vinod C. Vallabh03/17/2000
Carolina Gender Care, PLLCSusan Hargrove 08/11/2020
Carolina Geriatrics, P.A.Kavita Persaud, MD09/02/2005
Carolina GI Associates, P.C.Dennis A. Whitling03/01/2002
Carolina Glaucoma, P.A.Brian E. Edes04/16/2008
Carolina Gynecology, P.A.Andrea L. Torsone, M.D.06/28/2004
Carolina Hair Institute PLLCJosh Surowitz07/07/2015
Carolina Hand and Sports Medicine, P.A.Christopher T. Lechner, M.D.09/12/2000
Carolina Headache Institute, P.A.Karen Fisher11/18/2008
Carolina Health Clinic, PLLCSampson E. Harrell10/07/2019
Carolina Health Quest, PLLCKeith Emery Johnson, M.D.07/01/2002
Carolina Healthcare Providers P.A.Nancy Armstrong10/29/1997
Carolina Healthspan Institute, PCRonald L. Brown09/07/2001
Carolina Heart Center, P.A.Bobby Khot12/16/1999
Carolina Heart Physicians, P.L.L.C.Agodichi Nwosu, M.D.03/13/2001
Carolina Hyperbarics, PLLCJames R. Stevens, MD05/26/2011
Carolina Infectious Diseases Consultants, PCWinifred N. Okoye07/30/2008
Carolina Inpatient Medical Specialists, PLLCMurthy Madduri, M.D.02/12/2009
Carolina Integrated Wellness, PLLCJason Vannoy01/13/2020
Carolina Integrative Clinic, PADr. Loghman Zaiim10/18/2001
Carolina Integrative Medicine, PLLCAmy Brame Stanfield, M.D.04/29/2008
Carolina Internal Medicine Associates, P. A.Kenneth R. Kubitschek, M.D.03/01/1970
Carolina Kidney and Vascular, P.A.Robert B. Dunmire , III, M.D.09/01/1992
Carolina Kidney Associates, P.A.Joseph A. Coladonato, MD06/01/1980
Carolina Kidney Care, P.A.Moses Aboagye-Kumi, MD06/01/1992
Carolina Kids Pediatric Associates, PLLCChristian A. Nechyba, MD05/02/2001
Carolina Medical & Management Consultants PLLCUnited States Corporation Agents, Inc.10/19/2010
Carolina Medical Clinic, P.C.Amin Charania, M.D.10/19/1998
Carolina Medical Partners, PLLCNimish Patel08/25/2020
Carolina Men's Clinic, P.A.Dr. Hunter Hansen01/16/2014
Carolina Mercy Medical Clinic, P.C.Cornelius Okonkwo, D.O.03/28/2002
Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine, P.AStace E. Horine10/31/1996
Carolina Mountain Internal Medicine, P.A.Eric W. Byrd07/30/2003
Carolina Mountain Medical, P.A.Mark A. Engel, MD10/09/2000
Carolina Mountain Medicine PLLCPhyllis E Shelton12/03/2019
Carolina Mountain Psychiatry, P.A.Gerald W. Travis, M.D.03/21/2000
Carolina Nephrology, P.A.R. David Kemp, M.D.03/08/1999
Carolina Neurological Consulting, PLLCGary L. Dubisky, Jr.01/26/2018
Carolina Neurology Associates, PLLCVenugopal N. Gadipudi, M.D.05/10/2005
Carolina Neurology Center, PLLCAneeta J. Gupta, MD06/05/2006
Carolina Neurology, P.A.Trishwant Garcha, M.D.06/24/2003
Carolina Neuropathy Centers, PLLCEric Chandley11/26/2019
Carolina Neuroscience Specialties, P.A.Donald J. Solomon MD10/01/1990
Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, P.A.E. Hunter Dyer M.D.04/01/1971
Carolina Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.Latika D. Patel M.D.09/01/1991
Carolina Occ Med, PLLCNancy E. Bizzell, MD11/27/2006
Carolina Oncology Associates, P.A.William M. Brinkley09/01/1980
Carolina Oncology Specialists, P.A.Richard Orlowski, M.D.12/14/1992
Carolina Ophthalmic Physician Services, PLLCRichard A. Galt, Esq.03/18/2014
Carolina Ophthalmology, P. A.J. Troy Smith Jr09/01/1981
Carolina Opthalmology Associates, P.A.James A. Bryan, III, M.D.01/19/2001
Carolina Oral & Facial Surgery, P.A.Bart D. Williams, III, M.D., D.M.D.10/19/2000
Carolina Orthopaedic And Sports Medicine Center, P.A.Henry C. Thomason III, MD07/09/1997
Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists, P.A.Alfred Geissele11/13/1998
Carolina Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Inc.WASLAW, LLC04/19/2007
Carolina Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists, P.A.Ronald W. Benfield, M.D.09/21/1993
Carolina Osteopathic, PLLCCuroMed, LLC03/03/2003
Carolina Pain & Spine Research Institute PLLCMarc Yelle05/14/2019
Carolina Pain Associates, P.A.Bruce L. James02/10/2000
Carolina Pain Care PCSteven K. Brockman07/17/2017
Carolina Pain Center, P.C.Martha R. G. Swiber03/08/2013
Carolina Pain Relief Center, PLLCHerman Allison, FNP-C05/19/2020
Carolina Park Medical Center, PLLCAjay Ajmani, MD03/25/2014
Carolina Passport Health, P.L.L.C.Rebecca J. Appleton12/17/1999
Carolina Pediatric Center, PLLCOlivia B. Mijumbi, MD07/02/2002
Carolina Pediatric Eye Specialists, PLLCBuhilda McGriff02/18/2005
Carolina Pediatric Group, P.A.Sandra Barfield Robbins01/02/2003
Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad, P.A.Mark M. Brassfield M.D.06/01/1987
Carolina Pediatrics of Wilmington, P.A.Debbie S. Naylor10/01/1992
Carolina Pediatrics, P. A.Charles G. Pierce M.D.09/01/1979
Carolina Performance Services, P.A.Eric Morse, M.D.02/22/2006
Carolina Perinatal Associates, P.L.L.C.Eric Arthur Deigan, M.D.11/10/1998
Carolina Physical Medicine, PCZulifqar Ali Turk01/23/2017
Carolina Physicians Group, PCJay Fernando, M.D.03/23/2009
Carolina Plastic Surgery of Fayetteville, PCSaira Saina, M.D.10/05/2009
Carolina Premier Healthcare, P.A.ANDREW SUMMERS MD11/17/1999
Carolina Primary Care & Women's Health, PCBHAVANI LAGADAPATI06/20/2008
Carolina Primary Care, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein01/29/2003
Carolina Prime Internal Medicine, P.A.Boyan A. Georgiev, M.D.10/12/2001
Carolina Priority Care, PLLCJonathan H. Woody, M.D.08/12/2015
Carolina Psychiatry Center, PLLCSarita O'Neal02/11/2019
Carolina Psychiatry, P.C.Shabbir Chowdhury, M.D.09/10/2007
Carolina Psychotherapy & Psychiatry, PLLCRachel Poliquin02/13/2018
Carolina Pulmonary & Sleep Clinic PLLCPathmaraji Samarakoon,01/07/2011
Carolina Pulmonary And Critical Care Associates, P.A.Neveen Maher Habashi, MD04/19/1996
Carolina Pulmonary Medicine, P.C.Sharad G. Vora, MD05/25/2007
Carolina Quality Medical, PLLCWJ Practice Management, LLC08/16/2017
Carolina Radiology Consultants, P.A.Jeffrey E. Jones, M.D.02/02/2004
Carolina Regenerative Healing, PADavid C. Hogarty06/12/2019
Carolina Regenerative Medicine, P.C.Eugene Wade09/05/2018
Carolina Regional Arthritis & Rheumatology, P.A.Geeta Katwa, MD04/14/2010
Carolina Regional Associates Of Pathology, P.A.Jerry P. Huey, M.D.04/06/1993
Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, P.A.Glenn E. MacNichol, M.D.11/17/1991
Carolina Rehab Specialist, PLLCRichard Tae Bach07/18/2019
Carolina Rehabilitation & Surgical Associates, P.A.Ronald I. Kirschbaum12/01/1988
Carolina Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, PLLCAnn C. Nunez12/03/2009
Carolina Retina & Vitreous Consultants, P. A.James W. Heroman, M.D.04/01/1980
Carolina Retina Institute, P.C.Amit Kumar, MD05/22/2006
Carolina Skin & Vein Center, P.A.Lisa M. Ballantine05/01/1996
Carolina Skin Care, P.A.David I. Klumpar, M.D.01/16/1996
Carolina Skin Surgery Center, P.A.Marc R. Carruth, M.D.11/02/2001
Carolina Sleep Consultants, PLLCCarolyn L. Coward01/23/2019
Carolina Sleep, P.A.Lee A. Surkin, M.D.04/29/2009
Carolina Specialty Care, P.A.Robert I. Wodecki, M.D.06/04/2003
Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center, P.A.James J. Hoski, MD12/01/1974
Carolina Spine & Pain Center, PLLCMark C. Hines, M.D.03/27/2003
Carolina Spine and Disc Center, PLLCPaul Talerico01/21/2014
Carolina Spine Center, P.A.Paul G. Singh, M.D.08/11/2009
Carolina Spine, Pain & Rehabilitation, PLLCHerman C. Gore, M.D.02/06/2003
Carolina Sports and Spine, PAAlvin K. Antony02/16/2009
Carolina Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Specialists, PADouglas F. Messina, M.D.05/12/1995
Carolina Surgery & Cancer Center, PLLCSusan J. Pabst MD12/06/2002
Carolina Surgical Arts, P.A.Shaun A. Ingersoll, J.D.,03/18/1996
Carolina Surgical Specialists, P.A.Obinna Chukwudi Igwilo, M.D.07/10/2002
Carolina Thyroid, P.A.Ghobad Azizi, MD03/06/2007
Carolina Total Wellness, PCSusan D. Denny06/08/2012
Carolina Urgent & Family Care, P.A.Michael J. Winn, PA-C01/12/2011
Carolina Urology Healthcare, PLLCRobert W. Reagan, Jr., M.D.07/27/2009
Carolina Urology Partners, PLLCNational Corporate Research, LTD11/01/2010
Carolina Vascular Center, PLLCLynda Lee Burt McHutchison, M.D.04/02/2013
Carolina Vascular Institute, P.A.Maurice Roulhac02/23/2004
Carolina Vein Center, PLLCLynda Lee Burt McHutchison, MD06/27/2008
Carolina Vein Specialists, P.A.Mark W. Featherston, M.D.10/18/2001
Carolina Weight & Wellness, PLLCPeter McIlveen10/02/2017
Carolina Weight Loss, P.A.Mark A. Dubinski04/04/2019
Carolina Wellness and Cosmetic Laser Center, PLLCDeepak R. Gelot, M.D.02/15/2012
Carolina Wellness Psychiatry PLLCElizabeth S Bullard, M.D.12/09/2013
Carolina West Radiology, P.A.Frank P Bonomo DO11/14/2003
Carolina Womancare, P.A.Robert C. Crawford M. D.08/01/1979
Carolina Women's Health Center, P.A.Lisa L. Jones, M.D.12/21/2001
Carolina Women's Physicians, P.A.Jennifer Ferguson, M.D.02/06/2003
Carolina Wound Care Specialists, PLLCMichael D. Crawford M.D.12/02/2008
Carolinas Anesthesia for Women PLLCKatherine Nicholas02/25/2019
Carolinas Anesthesia, PLLCNational Registered Agents, Inc.03/29/2017
Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain, P.A.Janice Cash03/18/2002
Carolinas Coastal Health, P.C.J. Wellington Adams, M.D.12/01/2000
Carolinas Ear, Nose & Throat Center, P.A.Mark A. Lizak, M.D.09/10/1993
Carolinas Emergency Physicians, P.A.Lindsay Crenshaw05/30/1995
Carolinas Fertility Institute, P.A.Frank A. Peplowski, Jr.12/16/2013
Carolinas Headache Clinic, P.A.Sara E. Sacco, M.D.03/01/2001
Carolinas Ketamine and Wellness Infusions PCManoj Bobby Subbarao Wunnava10/17/2019
Carolinas Medical Services, PLLCBruce Allen Wilson PA-C, MSM12/05/2013
Carolinas Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, P.A.Sylvester I. Ogbata01/23/2017
Carolinas Pain Center, PLLCBinit P. Shah, M.D.06/07/2011
Carolinas Pain Institute, P.A.Richard L Rauck02/23/2004
Carolinas Pathology Group, P.A.Phillip S. Chubb, Esq.04/19/1971
Carolinas Radiology, P.L.L.C.Timothy Council Sloan09/11/2019
Carolinas Research Institute, PLLCBinit Shah, M.D.03/02/2016
Carolinas Skin Center, PADavid J. Nowicky08/24/2016
Carolinas Sleep Specialists, P.A.Daniel T. Garber, MD04/07/2010
Carolinas Urgent Care, PLLCDeepak R. Gelot, MD06/13/2005
Carolinas Vein & Vascular Solutions PLLCMartin J Carignan06/20/2019
Caromed, Inc.Avinash Shah05/01/1980
Carpenter EM Consulting, PLLCKevin Carpenter01/22/2020
Carrboro Family Medicine Center, P.A.James P. Manor MD12/01/1988
Carrboro Pediatrics And Internal Medicine, PACory L. Annis, M.D.06/11/1998
Carreras M. D., P. A.Jorge Luis Carreras, M.D.10/28/1987
Carter Clinic, P.A.M. Ojinga Harrison02/06/2007
Carteret Children's Clinic, P.A.Katherine S. Moorehead, MD02/01/1982
Carteret Hematology Oncology, P.L.L.C.James Loynes11/07/2008
Carteret Medical Specialists, PLLCSusan Vettichira, M.D.07/22/2008
Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates, P.A.Thomas Vradelis, M.D.06/01/1980
Carteret Surgical Associates, P.A.Arthur Klose, M.D.01/01/1976
Cary Adult Medicine, PLLCRobert Resnik, MD12/10/2003
Cary Aesthetic Center, PLLCAlexander Chiaramonti, M.D.12/18/2012
Cary Behavioral Health, PCWaheed K. Bajwa, M.D.05/28/2001
Cary Cardiology, P.A.Priyavadan M. Shah12/31/1992
Cary Children's Clinic, P.C.Anil Kasula MD10/17/2001
Cary Dermatology Center, P.A.Alexander Chiaramonti, M.D.11/01/1982
Cary Endocrine & Diabetes Center, P.A.Sung-Eun Yoo, M.D.03/17/2011
Cary Endoscopy Center, P.A.Harminder Paul Singh10/05/2005
Cary Eye Center, PLLCKevin D. O'Neal, MD, PhD07/10/2014
Cary Family Practice & Walk In Clinic, P.A.Shahnaz Daud04/05/2001
Cary Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.Terri Cook, Silverstein and Cook04/01/1982
Cary Health Care Associates, P.A.Registered Agent: William E. Parker, III12/18/2000
Cary Internal Medicine & The Diabetes Center, P.A.Prashant K. Patel, M.D.01/14/2000
Cary Laser and Aesthetics, PLLCVijaya N. Polavaram10/26/2018
Cary Medical Clinic, PCAbhay Agarwal06/12/2002
Cary Neurology & Sleep Disorders, Inc.Yvette R. Cook M.D.08/29/1994
Cary Orthopaedic And Sports Medicine Specialists, P.A.Edouard F. Armour, MD07/12/1993
Cary Pediatric Center, P.A.Ernesto M. Villareal M.D.03/03/2000
Cary Rheumatology & Arthritis Associates PASanjay Chaudhary, MD09/22/2010
Cary Skin Center P.A.Frank E. Silber02/13/1998
Cary Stone Center, PLLCRod O'Donoghue, Jr.04/13/2015
Cary Surgery Center PLLCDr. Brian Coan04/30/2020
Cary THMD, PLLCMartin Van Cleeff, M.D.08/12/2014
Cary Urology, P. A.WILLIAM P PINNA01/01/1992
Cary Weight Loss Center PLLCRobert Resnik, MD03/04/2011
Carymed Primary Care, P.A.Bindit Patel, M.D.08/21/2009
Casey's Dream, P.C.Andres Joseph Exposito06/07/2004
Catalyst Therapeutic Services, PLLCKerry L. Landry12/05/2017
Catapult Health of North Carolina, PANational Registered Agents, Inc.10/26/2018
Cataract Consultants, PABrian E. Edes02/08/2008
Catawba Pediatric Associates, P.A.Kelly B. Bridgeman, MD01/01/1977
Catawba Radiological Associates, Inc.John C Bools, MD12/01/1969
Catawba Valley Primary Care, PLLCRaymond Osterer, PA12/05/2005
Catawba Women's Center, P. A.Scott T. Chatham, M.D.12/01/1969
Catherine H. Kassens, M.D., P.A.Catherine H. Kassens, M.D.02/01/1980
Catherine M Waggy DO, PLLCCatherine M Waggy06/21/2018
Caudill Physician Contracting, PLLCElizabeth Caudill08/05/2019
Cauveh Erami, M.D., P.C.Cauveh Erami02/27/2020
CAVU Medical, PLLCPaul Browske05/05/2016
CCS Medical Practice, PLLCCT Corporation04/22/2014
CD Medical Aesthetics, PLLCRobert E. Boydoh, Jr.10/11/2012
CDT Healthcare, PLLCMichael Davanzo07/24/2017
CE Medical Examiners, PLLCConstant Masere10/04/2018
Cedar Creek Family Medicine, P.L.L.C.Ted James Nifong, M.D.04/26/2000
Cedar Family Services, PLLCKimberly Bush, M.D.01/08/2015
Cedar Medical PLLCMohamed El-Kara10/13/2017
Celestine I. Amaefule M.D. P.C.Stella Amaefule12/03/1996
Celia Mendes, M.D., P.A.Dr.Celia Maria Mendes03/11/2002
Center For Adult Psychiatry, P.A.PHILIP B LINDSEY, CPA03/24/1999
Center for Emotional Health, P.C.Jonathan Stoudmire, M.D.04/30/2014
Center For Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, P.A.M. Sean Freeman, M.D.10/29/2001
Center for Image Discovery, P.A.Virgil V. Willard, II, M.D.09/01/2006
Center For Integrated Health Care, P.C.Russell H. Gerry, M.D.02/18/2000
Center for Integrated Medicine, PLLCOlugbemiga E Jegede01/30/2019
Center for NeuroPsychiatric Services, PCVeeraindar Goli, M.D.02/11/2016
Center for Pain Management, PLLCJohn H. Knab, M.D10/15/1998
Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, P.A.Elizabeth Ellen Tilt07/22/2003
Center For Wellness, P.A.Mark O'Neal Speight, MD07/17/1998
Center's for Whole Health PLLCPamela L. Harris M.D.05/05/2016
Central Care Clinic PLLCJohn Cuong Doan, M.D.09/23/2015
Central Carolina Dermatology Clinic, IncRobert T. Migliardi, MD09/01/1970
Central Carolina E.N.T. Associates, P.A.Doris Lin, MD01/01/1987
Central Carolina Kidney Associates, PAMunsoor Naeem Lateef, M.D.01/13/2009
Central Carolina Medical Associates, P.A.Philip D. Veatch, M.D.11/11/1996
Central Carolina Medical Clinic, P.A.Thao Nguyen, MD07/10/2002
Central Carolina Orthopaedic Associates, PLLCAndrew P. Bush, MD09/24/2007
Central Carolina Skin & Dermatology Center, P.A.Ana Maria Benitez-Graham, M.D.12/02/2009
Central Carolina Sleep Centers, P.A.Tanvir A. Chodri, M.D.06/01/2007
Central Carolina Surgery, P.A.James N. Duggins, Jr.12/01/1975
Central Carolinas Physical Medicine, PCRafael Cruz11/22/2019
Central Dermatology Center, PARobin Sigismondi07/24/1998
Central Emergency Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company11/22/2010
Central Imaging & Radiology, P.A.Corporation Service Company06/26/1997
Central Triad Retina, P.A.Brian R. Kosobucki, M.D.11/03/2015
Centralina Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine, Inc.William S. Furr, M.D.09/01/1983
Centro Medico Latino, P.C.Carlos M. Rish, MD11/01/2007
CERTUS Psychiatry and Integrated Care, PLLCGisela E Knebl Kohl10/12/2016
CGS Endoscopy Center, PLLCVenkatesh Lakshman, MD12/12/2008
Chad Smoker, M.D., P.C.Chad Eric Smoker, M.D.08/13/2004
Chadbourn Family Practice Center, P.A.Essam S. Eskander, M.D.11/02/1992
Challie Minton M.D., P.C.Challie Minton M.D.09/14/2017
Chamberlin Health, P.C.Patricia A. Chamberlin, M.D.07/14/2015
Champion Emergency Services, PLLCJames Alexander Davis11/13/2014
Champion Heart & Vascular Center, PARadhakrishnan Ramaraj, M.D.06/23/2015
Champion Heart and Vascular Center, Oxford PLLCRadhakrishnan Ramaraj04/20/2020
Chander K Gupta, MD, PAChander K. Gupta, MD11/08/2006
Chandley PA Services, PLLCEric Allan Chandley, PA-C07/26/2012
Chapel Hill Children and Adolescents' Clinic, P.A.Michael F. Minozzi, III, M.D.03/21/2000
Chapel Hill Dermatology, P. A.Mark S. Fradin, M.D.03/01/1981
Chapel Hill Family Medicine, P.A.Jill Jimison Lambert, M.D.12/17/1987
Chapel Hill Functional Rehabilitation Clinic P.A.Ingrid Luo-Tseng, M.D.12/03/2012
Chapel Hill Gynecology, PLLCKaren Harrell Clark08/22/2016
Chapel Hill Integrative Medicine Associates, P.C.Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD09/28/1999
Chapel Hill Ophthalmology Clinic, P.A.Ray Fligman04/01/1976
Chapel Hill Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, P.C.Paul F Lachiewicz, MD07/05/2002
Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents, P.A.Christopher Morton, MD06/01/1970
Chapel Hill Primary Care, P.C.Remy Coeytaux, M.D.01/30/2013
Chapel Hill Psychiatric Associates, P.A.Tracy Anne Ware, M.D.04/16/2007
Chapel Hill Psychiatry, P.A.W H LAMBE02/21/2000
Chapel Hill Psychoanalytic Practice, PCLaurie J. Pahel02/19/2007
Charisma Health PLLCNorthwest Registered Agent LLC08/03/2020
Charles A. Albers, MD, PLLCCharles A. Albers, M.D.09/13/2010
Charles A. Shaller, M.D., PLLCCharles A. Shaller, M.D.04/14/2015
Charles D. Lefler, M.D., P.A.Charles D. Lefler MD01/08/1993
Charles H. Classen, JR., M.D., P.L.L.C.Charles H. Classen, JR., MD01/18/2008
Charles J. Cummings M.D., P.A.Charles J. Cummings, M.D.04/27/2016
Charles J. DePaolo, M.D., P.A.Charles J. DePaolo, M.D.03/06/2005
Charles L. Ewell, Jr., M.D., PLLCCR Services, LLC11/13/2019
Charles S. Watras, M.D., PLLCCharles S. Watras08/08/2006
Charles W. Jones, M.D., P.A.Charles W. Jones, MD04/13/2007
Charles W. Lapp, M.D. and Associates, P.A.Charles Lapp07/05/1996
Charles W. Monteith, M.D., P.A.Charles W. Monteith, M.D.02/26/2013
Charles Wesley McKaraher, M.D., P.A.Charles Wesley McKaraher MD06/01/1992
Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health PLLCJanaka Hettiarachchi04/25/2016
Charlotte Dermatology, P. A.Gary Slaughter, M.D.04/01/1972
Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates, P.A.Jag Gill, Sc.D., FACHE, FACMPE10/13/1994
Charlotte Gastroenterology & Hepatology, P.L.L.C.John H. Moore, III, M.D.12/03/1997
Charlotte Lung and Health Center, PLLCSelwyn Spangenthal, M.D.05/14/2015
Charlotte Medical Center, P.L.L.C.Tuan A. Huynh, MD02/13/2007
Charlotte Neurological Services PLLCLiya Beyderman10/05/2017
Charlotte Ophthalmology Clinic, P.A.Brandon C Whiteside M.D.08/29/1996
Charlotte Pain & Disability Services, PLLCAdam M. Berliner, D.O.07/01/2010
Charlotte Plastic Surgery Center P.A.Michael E. Beasley, MD12/01/1969
Charlotte Primary Care, P.A.Kim Hung Tam, M.D.03/30/2001
Charlotte Radiology, P. A.Robert L. Mittl, Jr., MD11/01/1970
Charlotte Reconstructive Surgery, PLLCMichael E. Beasley, M.D.03/23/2007
Charlotte Skin & Laser, P.A.Elizabeth Faircloth Rostan, M.D.12/08/2000
Charlotte Sports Medicine Institute, PAJonathan J. Paul, M.D.12/13/2000
Charlton Owensby MD PLLCCharlton Owensby, M.D.01/26/2016
Chatham Recovery, PLLCEric Morse, M.D.11/18/2015
Cheltenham Clinical Services, PCMark Cheltenham02/09/2012
Cheryl H. Yanuck M.D. P.C.Robert W. Saunders Esq.02/17/1997
Chestnut Family Practice, PLLCShane Snively06/23/2016
Chestnut Medical Consultants, PLLCJ. K. Coward, Jr.04/05/2016
CHI MEDICAL PRACTICE, PLLCChinedu Iheagwara, M.D.11/09/2015
Child and Family Psychiatry, PLLCHima B. Palakurthi, M.D.06/19/2012
Childhealth Center, P.A.Kenneth V. Summer M.D.12/18/1995
Children's Health Of Carolina P.A.Timothy L. Bell01/01/1976
Children's Health Services, P.A.Christopher Ozimek M.D.05/06/1998
Children's Urology of the Carolinas, PLLCLuis M. Perez, M.D.12/21/2001
Childress Health Consulting PLLCC T Corporation01/22/2020
Chimiak Medical Solutions, PLLCJames M. Chimiak, M.D.01/22/2014
Chinbuah Medical Services, PLLCEgya N. Chinbuah08/22/2016
Chinenye Uchendu PCChinenye Uchendu, M.D.08/13/2013
Choice Care Family Medical Center, PCPasquale D. Baratta, M.D.06/17/1997
Choice Consulting Services, PLLCH. Vaughn Ramsey03/15/2016
Choice Pediatrix, P.A.Patrick Eyaye Egbe, M.D.08/29/2006
Choices Weight Management, Inc.Anne Page Watson06/30/2006
Chris A. Pate, M.D., P.A.Chris A. Pate M.D.06/13/1995
Christopher C. Foster MD PLLCChristopher Foster03/23/2020
Christopher Cammock MD, P.C.Christopher Cammock12/20/2016
Christopher E. Lord, MD, PLLCChristopher E. Lord, M.D.07/06/2009
Christopher M. Wood, PLLCChristopher M. Wood, D.O.07/22/2013
Christopher P. Garwacki, M.D., P.A.Christopher P. Garwacki, M.D.06/13/2003
Christopher R. Myers, M.D., P.A.Christopher R. Myers, MD02/13/2007
Chrysalis Med Centre, PLLCJared Eli Spector03/13/2019
CHS North Carolina Medical, P.C.Corporation Service Company07/30/2013
Cile H. Williamson MD Gynecology PLLCRMR Services LLC02/05/2010
Cityblock Medical Practice NC, P.C.CT Corporation System05/13/2019
Clara Dermatology, PLLCJames D. Wall04/06/2020
Clarity Health, P.C.Cogency Global Inc. 08/26/2020
Clark Family Medicine, P.A.Robert Clark, M.D.06/29/2000
Clarkibra PLLCHany Clark Ibrahim06/13/2019
Claude L. Hughes, M.D., P.L.L.C.Claude L. Hughes, M.D.06/02/2000
Claude Luvis, M. D., P. A.L. D. A. C. Luvis MD01/01/1979
Claudia Claiborne, M.D., P.A.Scott C. Gayle10/16/2006
Clayton Internal Medicine, P.C.Mazen Khusayem, M.D.06/12/2000
Clayton Medical and Vascular Center, PLLCKenneth R Jones, Attorney04/22/2013
Clayton Pediatric Center, P.A.Ihab Abdel-Khalek, M.D.07/16/2001
Clemmons Psychiatric Associates, P.A.Florence Elizabeth Davis, M.D.12/17/2015
Clemmons Urgent and Primary Care, P.A.Arie Mantin, M.D.09/18/2003
Cleo Baruiz M.D. P.A.Kevin A. Prakke06/11/1996
Cleveland Family Health Clinic, PLLCMarian J. Keen09/09/2009
Cleveland Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.Karel F. Rybnicek, M.D.07/01/1989
Cleveland Medical Associates, P.A.Surendra Pal Singh Sidhu M.D.05/03/1995
Cleveland Pediatrics, P.C.Paula D. Franklin, M.D.07/01/2003
Clifford H. Mault, D.O., P.A.Clifford H. Mault, DO03/14/2007
Clifford R. Wheeless, III, M.D., PLLCClifford R. Wheeless, III, MD01/13/2010
Climax Family Practice, P.A.James C. Little Jr MD09/01/1975
Clinton Medical Clinic, Inc.Matthew Q Robinson11/01/1970
Clinton Surgical, PLLCMichael A. Valenti, M.D.04/23/2014
Clinton X-Ray Associates, P.A.Rolf Peter Gobien MD11/01/1987
Cloudland Ridge Emergency Medicine, PLLCHeather Langford11/30/2016
Club Haven Family Practice, P.A.Thomas L Jolly, MD09/01/1981
Clyde L Brooks, Jr MD PLLCClyde L Brooks, Jr06/12/2019
CMC Geriatric Services, PLLCClinton Medical Clinic, Inc07/19/2019
CMFC, P.L.L.C.Carole M.F. Craib, M.D.03/27/2008
CMS Med Health and Wellness, PLLCFrank Kelly11/27/2017
CNC Liquidation, Inc.Steven F. Putman M.D.01/31/1986
Coastal Anesthesia Associates, P.ADavid P. Lensch, M.D.07/01/1992
Coastal Arthritis & Rheumatism Associates, P.A.David D. Fraser. M.D.03/19/1997
Coastal Carolina E.N.T., D.O., P.A.Erik L. Kenyon, D.O.05/19/1999
Coastal Carolina Family Practice, P.A.Robert Earl Lane, M. D.09/01/1987
Coastal Carolina Health Care P.A.Michael Scott Davis Esq10/27/1997
Coastal Carolina Internal Medicine, P.A.Jose Ignacio Larrabaster Ros, M.D.07/09/2002
Coastal Carolina Neonatology, PLLCWASLAW, LLC12/16/2008
Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center,P.A.Kevin McConnell07/24/2006
Coastal Carolina Pathology, P.A.WASLAW, LLC12/27/2002
Coastal Carolina Radiation Oncology, P.A.Patrick D. Maguire, M.D.07/01/1977
Coastal Carolina Surgical Associates, P.A.David A. Weatherford, M.D.01/01/1989
Coastal Carolinas Integrated Medicine, P.A.Kenneth L. Willeford MD05/14/2004
Coastal Children's Clinic, Inc.Sami Bennett09/29/1972
Coastal Children's Services, PLLCWASLAW, LLC Registered Agent05/18/2010
Coastal Dermatology & Surgery Center, P.A.Heather A. Loesch10/19/2001
Coastal Direct Health & Wellness P.C.Jennifer M. Nomides04/30/2018
Coastal Eye Center, PLLCVincent J Verdi12/17/2004
Coastal Eye Clinic, P. A.J KENNETH CHANCE MD06/01/1970
Coastal Eyes of the Outer Banks PLLCAmos J. Willis11/30/2016
Coastal Family Practice and Internal Medicine, P.CPhilip W. Bibb08/16/2000
Coastal Infectious Disease Consultants, PLLCAman J. Pathak, MD12/07/2004
Coastal Integrative Medicine, PABuisness Filings International, Inc.Registered Age09/03/2009
Coastal Internal Medicine P.A.Ayman Gebrail10/17/1997
Coastal Nephrology, P.A.Milagros P. Cailing, M.D.11/29/2011
Coastal Neurology, PLLCS. Susan Torres, MD01/28/2008
Coastal Optimized Health, PLLCEric Robinson, D.O.01/20/2016
Coastal Orthopaedics & Spinal Surgery, P.A.Brian J. Battersby, Jr.01/23/1998
Coastal Pathology Associates, P.A.Anuradha Arcot12/01/1978
Coastal Plains Pathology, P.A.Benjamin L. Coulter12/07/2017
Coastal Pulmonary Medicine, P.A.W. Giles Allen, M.D.03/31/1999
Coastal Radiology Associates, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/27/2001
Coastal Rehabilitation Medicine Associates, P.A.JOHN LIGUORI MD05/01/1996
Coastal Serenity Psychiatry P.L.L.C.Marie Sprague, D.O.03/08/2013
Coastal Spine Institute, PCKevin Cahill11/28/2018
Coastal Surgical Specialists, P.A.Mark A. Sinning M.D.06/01/1974
Coastal Thoracic Surgical Associates, PLLCGM Entity Services, Inc.02/17/1999
Coastal Urology Associates, P.A.Joseph M. Alvarez, M.D.09/06/2000
Coastal Urology, PLLCVictor E. Abraham, M.D.05/22/2007
Coastal Women's Care, PCLeAnne Mohamed08/31/2010
Cogent Healthcare of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company12/02/2004
Cognizance Consulting, PLLCSaidat Kashimawo-Akande07/17/2018
Colette Stern, M.D., P.A.Colette A. Stern03/31/2008
Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, P.A.Harrill Christopher Coley, MD04/29/2008
Collaborative Care Health Partners, P.L.L.C.Kerry Balentine03/15/2019
Collegial Behavioral Health, PLLCSandra Alexander04/26/2017
Collins Aesthetics, PLLCMidtown Skin, Inc. D/B/A Beauty Co09/11/2020
Columbus County Orthopedics, PAAndrew M. Schuett, MD10/05/2005
Columbus Family Medical, P.A.Jim Steed08/17/2005
Columbus Medical Associates, P.A.John D. Kornmayer, D.O.12/01/1972
Comer Medicine, PLLCDavid Comer11/20/2018
Community Family Practice, PAJames Haaksma, MD03/01/1989
Community Medical, P.A.Brandi S Queen FNP-C08/01/1990
Companion Health, PLLCCarlos Jorge06/12/2019
Compass Dermatopathology, PCRegistered Agents Inc. Bill Havre11/03/2017
Compass Functional Medicine PLLCDawn Ruminski09/11/2019
Compass Health Systems of North Carolina, PAScott Segal12/20/2013
Compassionate Care of NC, P.A.Leslie A Smith, M.D.05/16/2014
Complete Laser Clinic, PLLCDr. John Hamel05/19/2003
Complexion Medical Spa, PLLCWilliam A. Lambeth III04/12/2018
Comprehensive Medical Care Services of Eastern North Carolina, PLLCSteven Ferguson04/19/2017
Comprehensive Pain Consultants of the Carolinas, PLLCEdward Alan Lewis, MD07/21/2010
Comprehensive Pain Doctors, PLLCEdward A. Lewis, M.D.06/23/2015
Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Pain Specailists, P.C.Jessica H. Gorr, D.O.11/30/2007
Concierge Medical Arts, PLLCJudith Borger04/02/2018
Concord Children's Clinic, P.A.Hemant Prakash01/11/2002
Concord Hospitalist PLLCRaman Seth09/07/2016
Concord Longevity Medicine, PLLCMeghann Jones Blankenship07/02/2019
Connected Medical Education Consultants, PLLCDavid R. Bierman, M.D.10/14/2013
Conner Family Health Clinic, P.L.L.C.William Jordan Conner11/24/2004
Conquest Surgical Services, PLLCAnne M. Conquest01/13/2020
Conrad C. Fulkerson, M.D., P.A.Conrad C. Fulkerson MD11/01/1981
Conscious Choice Health & Wellness, PCJulia M. Ray, M.D03/30/2015
Constance Y. Battle, M.D., Ob-Gyn, P.A.Constance Y. Battle MD07/01/1988
Consulting Radiologist, PLLCSam Armani02/12/2020
Consults in Hypertension, M.D., P.A.Margaret B. Collins, M.D.04/10/2006
Convergent Surgical Alliance, PLLCJoel Sexton Goodwin, II11/14/2019
Cook Orthopaedic Sports Institute, PLLCMarcus P. Cook, M.D.07/26/2012
Cooley Hair Center, PLLCGerald E. Cooley, M.D.05/15/1998
Cordle Psychiatry, PLLCBrice Bratcher07/21/2016
Core Associates in Internal Medicine PLLCAndrew Core12/09/2019
Corey D. Berlin, M.D., P.A.Corey D. Berlin, M.D.03/12/2001
Cornelius F. Cathcart, Pediatrics, P.A.Cornelius F. Cathcart MD07/01/1984
Cornerstone Anesthesia, P.C.John T. Mertz, MD01/29/2007
Cornerstone Ear Nose & Throat PAWilliam A. McClelland05/17/1994
Cornerstone Family Medicine, PLLCJohn Wesley Earley06/09/2017
Cornerstone Family Practice and Urgent Care PLLCGeorgia Buckley, PA-C09/24/2015
Cornerstone Functional Medicine, PLLCChristopher R. Gamber08/04/2016
Cornerstone Internal Medicine, PLLCYu Liu10/13/2009
Cornerstone Medical Clinic P.C.Darlington Hart, M.D.02/28/2003
Cornerstone Pediatric And Adolescent Medicine, P.A.CT CORPORATION SYSTEM10/27/1998
Correctional Medical Consultants, PLLCMark. R. Cervi01/16/2018
Cory Annis, MD, PA Cory Annis, M.D.02/23/2012
Cottle Medical Group, PARonald W. Cottle, M.D.05/15/2005
Courtview Ob/Gyn, P. A.Vicki W. Light MD05/01/1992
Covenant Eye Care, P.A.BRYAN E ALLF MD08/11/1997
Covenant Geriatrics, PLLCDonald Lee Culver12/04/2012
Covenant Physician Services, PLLCNorman C. Riddle, Attorney at Law10/07/2010
Cox Family Medicine, PLLCJames Bryan Cox07/28/2017
Craig Hampton Robson, PLLCCraig Hampton Robson10/25/2019
Craig N. Lippe, MD Consulting, PLLCCraig N. Lippe07/16/2019
Craig S. Carter, MD, F.A.C.S., P.A.Craig S. Carter08/25/2005
Craven Pathology Associates, Inc.Robert B Newell, MD04/01/1987
Creedmoor Centre Endocrinology, P.A.Julia Warren-Ulanch, MD08/28/2013
Creekside Medical Group, PASven Bockholdt12/19/2011
CRESCENT FAMILY PRACTICE, P.A.Joseph W. Bruckert, MD11/17/1999
Criswell & Criswell, P.A.Bryan Criswell09/27/2007
Critical Care and Hospital Solutions PLLCDaniel J Feinstein12/20/2018
Critical Care Sevices, P.C.CT Corporation System05/18/2009
Critical Services, Inc.InCorp Services, Inc.10/21/2009
CRMed, P.A.Gordon Gary Koltis, MD06/01/1990
Cross Creek Medical Clinic, P.A.Nitin D. Desai, M.D.03/25/1999
Cross Creek Neurology, P.L.L.C.Muhamnmed Khasru, MD10/05/2005
Cross Creek Pediatrics P.A.Barbara L. Appel M.D.09/12/1994
Cross Emergency Services, PLLCBill Cross, D.O.12/22/2014
Cross River Cardiology, PLLCJohnny R. Dy, M.D.04/08/2014
Crossed B Medical Services PCMark Burrel Batts10/05/2017
Crossroads Family Medical Care, P.A.Bill Jack Parker, M.D.10/17/2001
Crossroads Laser Center, P.A.Bill Jack Parker, M.D.05/29/2007
Crossroads Treatment Center of Asheville, P.C.Corporation Service Company01/10/2011
Crossroads Treatment Center of Cleveland County, P.C.Corporation Service Company08/30/2017
Crossroads Treatment Center of Greensboro, P.C.Corporation Service Company01/10/2011
Crossroads Treatment Center of Weaverville, P.C.Corporation Service Company02/07/2011
Crown Clinic, P.A.Obinna C. Oriaku, MD, FACP, CPE, MBA12/04/2002
Crystal Coast Care for Women, P.C.Katrina Lynn Conrad10/07/2002
Crystal Coast Dermatology Services, P.A.Earl George Gross, M.D.03/13/2000
Crystal Coast Ear, Nose & Throat, P.A.Francis J. Milewski, Jr., M.D.07/10/1996
Crystal Coast Family Practice, P.A.Cas M. Cader M.D.03/28/1995
Crystal Coast Imaging, PLLCKathleen Holt Moeller, MD03/03/2011
Crystal Coast Pain Management Center, PLLCKirk E. Harum, M.D.01/30/2004
Crystal Katz, MD, PLLCCrystal Katz02/09/2017
CS D.O. Neurology, PLLCUnited States Corporation Agents, Inc.12/17/2015
Cumberland Anesthesia Associates, P.A.Larry Dale Withers, M.D.02/01/1990
Cumberland Cardiology, P.A.Sylvester U. Ejeh, M.D.10/22/2007
Cumberland Internal Medicine, P.A.Rueben N. Rivers M.D.02/01/1983
Cumberland Medical Associates, P.C.Sanjiv S Dalvi08/06/2003
Cumberland Neurology, PAPaul E. Szwejbka, MD, MPH12/05/2005
Cummings Plastic Surgery, P.A.Richard E. Cummings, M.D.05/01/1986
Cupid Family Practice, PAMelissa Joann Weatherspoon-Cupid, MD07/18/2007
Cured Four, P.A.John Babcock, Attorney07/07/2010
Current Dermatology, PLLCCurrent Custer Patterson04/08/2009
Curzan Enterprises, P.A.Mark Curzan, M.D.03/04/2003
Cutaneous Pathology, P.A.Robert H. Wall10/31/2006
CV Remote Solutions, PCJames Allred07/06/2017
CWCL Medical Services, PLLCEric Chandley08/11/2017
Cynthia L. Lopez, M.D., P.A.Cynthia L. Lopez, M.D.10/07/1999
Cynthia M. Gregg, M.D, P.L.L.C.Cynthia M. Gregg, M.D.03/13/2001
Cynthia Vail, PA-C, P.A.Cynthia Vail, PA-C05/29/2018
Cypress Coast Health PLLCJames B. Norwood12/18/2019
Cypress Pathology, P.A.Mett B. Ausley Jr M.D.06/28/1994
D Ahlers, MD PLLCDavid A. Ahlers11/23/2016
D Miller MD PLLCDouglas Miller, M.D.04/18/2016
D. M. Economedes, D.O., PADemetri M. Economedes, D.O.12/17/2015
D.A. Rosen Healthcare, PLLCDavid A. Rosen, M.D.09/24/2015
Dabiruddin M. Humayun, MD, PLLCDabiruddin M. Humayun, MD06/01/2009
Daljit Buttar MD PCDaljit Buttar, MD04/28/2009
Dallas Family Medicine, PAMichael Andrew Robinson11/24/2004
DAMAK MEDICS INCAkaninyene Joseph04/28/2009
Dana D. Baker, MD, PLLCDana D. Baker, M.D.07/16/2013
Dani & Vinuya Medical, PLLCNipa K. Dani, M.D.06/01/2010
Daniel F. Cannon, P.A.Daniel F. Cannon, MD12/05/2005
Daniel F. Zinicola, P.C.Daniel F. Zinicola, MD10/02/1998
Daniel J. Bernstein, M.D., PLLCDaniel J. Bernstein, M.D.06/07/2013
Daniel M. Eichenbaum MD PADaniel M. Eichenbaum MD05/01/1988
Daniel M. Ricci M.D. P.A.Daniel M. Ricci M.D.12/15/1997
Daniel T. Cotter, M.D., P.A.Daniel T. Cotter08/27/2015
Daniel T. Sicking, M.D., P.A.Daniel T. Sicking MD09/14/1993
Daniel Waksman, D.O., PLLCDaniel Waksman11/02/2016
Danny M. Phillips, MD, PLLCDanny M. Phillips, MD12/19/2007
Danville Radiologists, IncG. Michael Spencer, M.D.08/05/2009
Dare Direct Primary Care PLLCPhillip Austin09/11/2018
Darst Dermatology, P.CMarc A. Darst, MD10/28/2008
Das Joint Replacement Clinic, P.A.Amal Kumar Das, Jr.12/17/2004
David A. Martin, Jr, MD, PADavid A. Martin, Jr, MD09/24/1998
David A. Smith, M.D., P.A.David A. Smith M.D.02/06/1995
David B Jessup MD P.C.United States Corporation Agents, Inc.02/12/2020
David B. Patton, M.D., PLLCDavid B. Patton, M.D.01/22/2014
David C. Matthews, M.D., P.A.David C. Matthews11/24/2004
David F Naftolowitz MD PCDavid F Naftolowitz12/14/2016
David F Slawek M. D. P. A.David F Slawek M.D.09/01/1974
David Gacengeci, MD, P.A.Tony C. Gurley06/20/2006
David Gearding, DO PLLCDavid Gearding, D.O.03/26/2015
David Holder, MD, PLLCCristine R. Dixon07/08/2020
David J. Mock M.D. P.A.David J. Mock M.D.08/22/1996
David K. Hutchinson, M.D., P.A.David K. Hutchinson, M.D.08/22/2013
David L. Hill, MD, PLLCOliver Carter, III02/03/2020
David L. Walrath, MD And Associates, PADavid L. Walrath08/27/2018
David Lortscher, MD, P.C.Business Filings International, Inc.02/05/2020
David Luoma, P.C.David C. Luoma06/24/2005
David M. Hawkins, M.D., P.A.W. H. Lambe, Jr.02/13/2002
David P. Meeker DO Psychiatric Services PCDavid P Meeker04/12/2018
David Paul Adams, M.D., P.A.H. Lawrence Warner, Jr., JD, MBA11/04/1998
David R. Bierman, MD., PACarol K Silverstein01/01/1991
David Rollins, PLLCDavid Rollins02/23/2018
David S. Thomas M.D. P.A.David S. Thomas M.D.06/20/1996
David Tupper Manly, MD, PADavid T. Manly, M.D.03/24/2014
David Turner Jones, M.D., P.A.David T. Jones, M.D.06/19/2006
David W. Branyon, MD PLLCDavid W. Branyon, M.D.01/13/2014
David W. Kutob P.A.David W. Kutob, M.D.11/29/2012
Davidson Anesthesia Consultants, PAPeter J. Sojka, MD09/04/1998
Davidson Eye Associates, P.A.James F. Slyman M.D.12/19/1995
Davidson Family Medicine, P.A.Craig J. White, M.D.06/06/2000
Davidson Integrative and Functional Medicine, P.C.Craig Justice White10/24/2014
Davidson Pediatric Partners, PLLCR. Edgar Timberlake, Jr.05/08/2013
Davidson Surgical Associates, Inc.Mark D. Smith, II, M.D.02/01/1978
Davie Dermatology, P.A.Suzanne P. Hess M.D.08/28/1996
Davis Grove Pediatrics, PLLCZhao Min, M.D.08/24/2009
Davis Ophthalmology, PLLCRonald Tyler Davis04/19/2018
Dawson Street Family Practice, P.A.Ronald C. Demas, M.D.10/14/2008
Dawson Street Urgent Care & Medical Center, PARonald C. Demas07/16/2004
DC Mullins Enterprise, PLLCDavid Mullins01/22/2020
DCW Provider PCBrittany Blockman05/12/2017
DDR Professional Services, PLLCDaniel Richardson, M.D.06/10/2015
de Leon Medical PLLCRicardo de Leon03/25/2019
De Novo Aesthetics, PLLCAlissandro Roque Castillo, MD03/15/2017
Deacon Care PLLCJohn T. Collins11/28/2018
Dean D. Blakeley, MD, PADean D. Blakeley, MD06/21/2010
Dean Internal Medicine, PLLCEric L. Dean09/15/2020
DeArk Medical Center PLLCEfemwonkiekie Williams Iyamu10/13/2017
Debbie 2018 Test PCDebbie Brienzi01/23/2018
Debbie test 2018-5Debbie Brienzi11/02/2017
Debbie test 2018-9Debbie B.11/02/2017
Debbie Test PCDebbie Brienzi01/16/2020
Debbie_test 1-2019Malinda Sink10/18/2018
Deborah Deoss-Holcomb DO Medical Consulting PLLCDeborah Deoss-Holcomb 08/11/2020
Decision Point Recovery, PLLCPeter Oliver05/04/2016
Delaney Radiologists Group, P.L.L.C.L. Neal Beard, Jr., MD01/10/2005
Delaney Radiologists, P. A.L. Neal Beard, Jr., MD03/01/1982
Demetri T. Poulis, MD, PLLCDemetri T. Poulis, MD08/30/2010
Denis I. Becker, M. D., P. A.Denis I. Becker MD11/01/1977
Denise Dechow MD, PLLCDenise Dechow06/13/2019
Denton Healthcare, PLLCClifton A. Baker, MD10/06/2008
Denver Family Practice PLLCDavid Jaroszewski, M.D.11/18/2014
Derek L. Reinke, M.D., P.A.Derek L. Reinke, M.D.08/03/2001
Derek P. Watson, M.D., PLLCDerek P. Watson, MD01/13/2010
Dermatologic Surgery of the Carolinas, PLLCDavid R. Lane, M.D.01/21/2010
Dermatology & Laser Center of Chapel Hill, PLLCPeter J. Miller12/22/2015
Dermatology & Laser Center, PLLCChris G. Adigun, M.D.12/22/2015
Dermatology Associates of Charlotte, PLLCJim A. Rogers, MD12/09/2003
Dermatology Associates of Coastal Carolina, P.A.Henderson, Baxter, Taylor & Gatchel PA06/20/2002
Dermatology Associates P.A.Kimberly R. Edwards, MD01/01/1982
Dermatology Care of Charlotte, PAJames Seward, MD07/20/2006
Dermatology Center of Shelby, P.A.Joseph John Urash, D.O.10/06/1999
Dermatology Consulting Services, PLLCZoe Diana Draelos, M.D.04/22/2002
Dermatology Group of the Carolinas, P.A.Madeline T. Davis, CPA08/01/1991
Dermatology Laser and Vein Specialist of the Carolinas, PLLCGirish S. Munavalli, M.D.07/12/2006
Dermatology Medical Associates, P.A.Timothy Alan Highley, D.O.09/16/2008
Dermatology of North Asheville, P.A.Mark E. Hutchin, M.D.07/20/2009
Dermatology Practice of the Carolinas, P.A.Catherine J. Pointon03/06/2001
Dermatology Specialists, P.A.Christina L Haverstock12/11/1996
DeSantis Family Practice, PLLCMichael DeSantis, MD11/23/2010
Dev Medical PLLCDr. Jitendra Patel05/17/2017
DeVaul Medical Associates, P.A.Chanson A. DeVaul, D.O.05/16/2012
Developing Minds of North Carolina, P.L.L.C.Ana Carla Smith, MD07/16/2008
Developmental And Forensic Pediatrics, P.A.Sharon W. Cooper, M.D.12/03/1996
Devoted Family Practice PLLCNeeti Kapur12/18/2019
Dexxis Pharma Consulting PLLCDexter L. Morris, M.D.03/15/2016
DHP of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company05/16/2012
DHP of Rocky Mount, P.C.Corporation Service Company07/24/2013
Diaa E. Hussein, M.D., P.L.L.C.Diaa E. Hussein, M.D.04/28/2004
DiabesityMD PLLCGiselle D. Blair05/06/2020
Diabetes & Endocrinology Consultants, P.C.Seth Omar Medlin12/23/2003
Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrinology Center, PLLCSuvinay B. Paranjape, MD12/08/2005
Diagnosis and Assessment of Emotions-Health Services, PLLCA. K. Foluke, M.D.07/28/2010
Diagnostic and Disability Medical Services, P.A.Corporation Service Company04/11/2018
Diagnostic Comprehensive Interpretations, PLLCAndrew R. Deibler, MD01/11/2017
Diagnostic Investigations, PLLCBenjamin Putnam08/27/2020
DialCare Group North Carolina, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/28/2017
Diamond Dex PLLCCory M Hines07/24/2019
DIANA HARPER MD, PLLCRobert L. Morton02/11/2013
Diana J. Antonacci, MD, PADiana J. Antonacci, M.D.05/08/2013
Diana Newby-Boyd, PLLCDr. Diana Newby-Boyd05/09/2018
Diana Sarmiento, PLLCC T Corporation System08/05/2019
Diehl Plastic Surgery, PLLCCynthia L. Diehl, MD06/01/2009
Digestive Disease Center, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein Esq.12/15/1996
Digestive Health Partners, P.A.Matthew W. Wood10/01/1976
Digestive Health Specialists, P.A.William C. Bray08/01/1979
Digestive Healthcare, P.A.Larry E. Robbins05/26/1999
Dilworth Dermatology and Laser, PLLCCharles J. Brown, M.D.07/28/1999
Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery PLLCJoshua Surowitz07/07/2015
Dimitrios Lintzeris DO, PADimitrios Lintzeris, D.O.08/07/2012
DiOrio Medical Enterprises, P.C.Christopher DiOrio03/18/2010
DiRad PLLCSidney M Conley10/04/2018
Direct Action Medical Services, PCAaron Holly08/17/2017
Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas, PLLCWilliam George Katibah, III10/31/2013
Direct Wellness PLLCChristian Page Daniel03/20/2020
DispatchHealth, PCNational Registered Agents, Inc.04/20/2020
Diva Anesthesia, PLLCCandace N. McAlpine10/28/2016
DJL Clinical Research, PLLCJane Box01/04/2010
DL BRENNER, PLLCDavid Brenner03/20/2018
DLYW Medical Consulting PCDemetria Yarbrough04/13/2018
DMR Medical Services, PADavid M. Ruffin01/16/2019
Dobson Medical Consulting, PCBurt W. Dobson12/11/2018
DOCB, P.L.L.C.R. Bradford Bowles III, M.D.12/19/2019
Doctor Burt, PLLCTerrence Burt01/20/2020
Doctor Caro, PLLCMaricelina Caro02/20/2020
Doctor Christina, PLLCChristina White03/31/2020
Doctor Direct, PLLCAmy J. Walsh, M.D.05/05/2015
Doctor Duo, PLLCCarrie McShane03/16/2017
Doctor on Call, PLLCGustavo A Colmenares, M.D.09/15/2015
Doctor on Wheels PLLCJean Junior Telusma, MD06/04/2008
Doctor's Advice, PLLCHouston Barnes06/14/2016
Doctors Express, PLLCMustapha Chakour03/17/2010
Doctors Making Housecalls-Family Medicine, P.A.Shohreh Taavoni02/28/2009
Doctors Making Housecalls-Geriatric Medicine, P.A.Shohreh Taavoni, MD02/28/2009
Doctors Making Housecalls-Internal Medicine, P.A.Shohreh Taavoni, MD02/28/2009
Doctors Making Housecalls-Psychiatric Medicine, P.A.Shohreh Taavoni, MD02/28/2009
Doctors Plus, PLLCDennis Persaud, M.D.03/20/2012
Doctors Vital Care And Screening, PLLCAjay K. Ajmani, MD07/26/2007
Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary, P.A.Terry J. Carlton12/28/2009
Doctor's Weight Solutions, PCSheila L. Patterson08/17/2017
Dogwood Wellness, P.A.Graeme Potter, M.D.04/28/2008
Dollinger & Tove Family Medicine Associates, P.A.Maureen D. Dollinger, MD01/01/1988
Don Jablonski, D.O., P.A.Shann L. Davis03/05/2001
Donald J. Digby, M.D., P.A.Donald J. Digby M.D.02/07/1997
Donald R. Conway M.D. P.A.Donald R. Conway M.D.06/20/1997
Donald R. Whaley MD PCDonald R. Whaley MD07/30/1993
Donald S. Bright, M.D., P.A.Thomas J. Stevens11/01/1979
Donna Mitchell Barnes, MPA, PA-C, PLLCDonna Mitchell Barnes01/06/2017
Donna test 2018-3Donna S.11/02/2017
Donna test 2018-6Donna S.11/02/2017
Donna test 2018-7Donna S.11/02/2017
Doshi Care, P.A.Usha Doshi, M.D.12/31/2005
Dougherty Radiology, PLLCDouglas A. Dougherty, M.D.12/16/2015
Douglas Dussel Pritchard, MD, PLLCDouglas D. Pritchard, MD01/31/2007
Douglas J. Martini M.D. P.A.Douglas J. Martini M.D.04/05/1995
Douglas John Snyder, MD, PLLCDouglas John Snyder12/17/2018
Douglas L. Gollehon MD PADouglas L. Gollehon MD01/01/1987
Down East Diabetology, PAChristian E. Porter11/25/2014
Downstream Urology, P.A.Michael B. Crawford, M.D.03/29/2007
Downtown Health Center, P.A.Domingo Rodriguez-Cue, M.D.05/03/2000
Dr Christopher Maritato PLLCDr Christopher Maritato06/22/2020
Dr G Family Medical Services, PCThomas Giguiere09/15/2017
Dr Nicole Holistic Medicine, PLLCNicole Craven09/11/2020
Dr S Weightloss & Wellness, PLLCNachida Hamidi-Sitouah10/15/2018
Dr. Christine Dean, PLLCHouse & Tippett, PLLC10/05/2005
Dr. Endia Johnson, PLLCEndia Johnson Pitts, M.D.12/07/2012
Dr. H. C. Baggett, P.A.H. Clifford Baggett12/22/2004
Dr. Hennenhoefer Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Medicine PLLCKevin Hennenhoefer05/06/2019
Dr. Jamila Battle and Associates PADr. Jamila Battle and Associates, PA10/21/2009
Dr. Jeffrey Guptill Consulting, P.L.L.C.Jeffrey T. Guptill, M.D.05/07/2015
Dr. Julie Chilton, MD, PLLCJulie Chilton08/22/2017
Dr. Kathleen Russo, P.L.L.C.Kathleen Russo11/14/2018
Dr. Kevin Shute Medical & Professional Services, Inc.Kevin Shute11/02/2009
Dr. Lex Eccleston, PLLCUnited States Corporation Agents, Inc.09/25/2020
Dr. Longevity, PLLCM. Erin Griffin03/19/2020
Dr. Marlowe's Weight Loss Institute, PLLCThomas S. Marlowe, MD04/25/2006
Dr. Quinn, Ear, Nose & Throat, P.C.Robert Patel Quinn, M.D.03/18/1991
Dr. Rakesh Parikh, PLLCRakesh A. Parikh, MD07/24/2007
Dr. Ricky A. Thomas, PLLCRicky A. Thomas, M.D.01/09/2013
Dr. Saracino Gastroenterology, P.C.Joseph A. Saracino, M.D.01/22/2004
Dr. Scott's Restorative Health, PLLCScott Brian Shapiro, M.D.06/05/2013
Dr. Simonds Weight Loss, PLLCWickham B. Simonds, M.D.11/15/2007
Dr. Stephanie A. Wodowski, P.A.Stephanie A. Wodowski02/12/2013
Dr. Teresa Alvarado, PCTeresa L. Alvarado01/10/2005
Dr. Tony Duarte, PLLCAnthony Duarte08/31/2020
Dr. Umabala Pasupala, PLLCUmabala Pasupala, M.D.05/14/2015
Dr. Varsha Vora, PLLCDr. Varsha Vora11/23/2016
Drexis, P.L.L.C.Ronnie E. Hendrix, M.D.03/26/2018
Drip Hydration NC, PLLCDurga Bhagat09/17/2020
DrLT PLLCLinda Morris Taylor02/06/2015
DRMOMZZZs P.L.L.C.Jayne G. McGuire02/20/2018
Drossman Gastroenterology, PLLCDouglas Arnold Drossman02/07/2012
DRX High Point, PLLCJohn Gilliam12/01/2009
Dry Ridge Family Medicine, PLLCNicole Ogg10/05/2009
DSM Anesthesia PLLCDipali S. Mehta, AA06/25/2008
D'Souza Dermatology, PLLCLogan S. D'Souza11/03/2017
Duane M. Moise D.O., P.C.Duane Marvin Moise01/24/2018
Dula Springs Wellness Center PASuzanne Dansereau, M.D.10/09/2013
Duncan Hughes, M.D., P.A.Duncan Hughes08/07/2014
Dunham Enterprises, PAMayisha Dunham, M.D.06/27/2008
Dunn Emergency Medical PLLCMichael Dunn02/13/2018
Dunn-Erwin Medical Center, Inc.Lakshman Rao M.D.12/01/1991
Duplin OB-GYN, P.A.Joseph L. Cooper, M.D.07/06/2001
Durant Road Pediatrics, PLLCPriyanka Arora, M.D.03/26/2015
Durham Anesthesia Associates, P.A.Edward G. Sanders, M.D.08/01/1980
Durham Health and Wellness, PLLCW. Thomas McCuiston06/30/2017
Durham Kidney Care, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein03/14/2006
Durham Nephrology Associates, P.A.Carol K. Silverstein08/01/1987
Durham Physicians, P. A.Robert D. Stewart06/01/1991
Durham Radiology Associates, Inc.Terri L. Cook03/01/1970
Dvash Medical, PLLCJesse Jones06/27/2019
DWC Ancillaries, PLLCNicolette Schreiber04/23/2020
Dynamic Health Medical Group PLLCInCorp Services, Inc.08/06/2018
Dynamic Medical and Rehabilitation, PLLCKevin D. Israel10/29/2019
Dynamic Physiatry, PLLCAsim Salih Otey03/30/2017
DynamicHealth2You, P.L.L.C.InCorp Services, Inc.12/03/2018
E. Brooks Wilkins Family Medicine, P.A.E. Brooks Wilkins, M.D.02/15/2002
E. Nancy Ziechmann M.D. P.A.Estrelita Nancy R. Clavio-Ziechmann07/07/1995
Eagle Medical Center, PCGbenga Aluko, M.D.06/09/2009
Eagle Physicians And Associates PASheri Raymer10/22/1993
Eagle Rising Health Services, PLLCWayne J. Harp, Jr., PA-C03/26/2015
Ear, Sinus & Allergy Center, PABruce Jones, MD07/15/1998
Earl J. Epps M.D. P.A.Earl J. Epps M.D.10/09/1995
East Asheville Family Health Care, P.A.James H. Early MD10/13/1999
East Carolina Anesthesia Associates, PLLCWASLAW, LLC07/06/2004
East Carolina Center For Sight, P.A.Micah Ball06/16/2008
East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLCKenneth L. Klein, MD01/24/2011
East Carolina Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center, Inc.Peter A. Eweje, MD04/25/2006
East Carolina Gastroenterology, P.A.Peter A. Eweje, M.D.09/13/2000
East Carolina Medical Associates, P.C.Abayomi W. Osunkoya09/13/2001
East Carolina Psychiatric Consultants, PLLCM. K. Sabanayagam, M.D.04/05/2005
East Carolina Retina Consultants, PLLCPeter A . Va Houten01/01/2002
East Carolina Surgical PABryson Goss02/09/2017
East Coast Medical, PLLCLisa Kay Yocum Robinson06/13/2005
East Columbus Primary Care, P.A.Richard Bumgardner11/21/2003
Eastern Allergy, Asthma And Immunology, P.A.Hanan Shaker Kirollos, M.D.12/21/1998
Eastern Cardiology, P.A.Leigh A. Wilkinson02/06/2001
Eastern Carolina Anesthesia Consulting, PLLCTimothy Brent Chafin, M.D.08/14/2014
Eastern Carolina Cardiovascular, P.A.Lindsey L. White M.D.12/14/1994
Eastern Carolina Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.Nitzan Daniel Catz, M.D.02/01/1989
Eastern Carolina Ear, Nose & Throat-Head & Neck Surgery, P.A.Marcus S. Albernaz, M.D.03/01/1971
Eastern Carolina Emergency Care, P.A.William E. Parker III, J.D.12/16/2003
Eastern Carolina Eye Center, P.A.WASLAW, LLC03/01/1982
Eastern Carolina Eye Specialists, P.A.Thomas J. Stevens, Esq.10/16/2001
Eastern Carolina Interventional Pain & Anesthesia, P.C.Timothy Brent Chafin10/11/2006
Eastern Carolina Medical Center, P.C.P. K. Vyas, M.D.07/01/1989
Eastern Carolina Medical Services, P.L.L.C.Mark R. Cervi03/20/1997
Eastern Carolina Pathology Assoc., P.A.Benjamin L. Coulter, MD06/01/1991
Eastern Carolina Pathology, IncBenjamin L. Coulter M.D.03/13/1998
Eastern Carolina Pediatrics, P.A.Susan H. Andersen MD08/01/1992
Eastern Carolina Women's Center, P.A.Jeffrey A. Michelson, President09/10/1997
Eastern Dermatology & Pathology, P.A.Cameron L. Smith, M.D.10/01/1975
Eastern Headache and Spine, P.A.James Bryan Cooper, MD06/09/2009
Eastern Healthcare Associates, PLLCBilly R. Smith06/03/2015
Eastern Industrial Medicine, PLLCKimberly H. Whitley05/22/2006
Eastern Internal Medicine, P.A.Jessica McKee, D.O.09/02/2009
Eastern Medical Associates, PAPhilip Douglas Mayo, MD & Dalton Edward Dove, MD05/11/1998
Eastern Medical Group, P.A.Saad Amin. M.D.11/30/2007
Eastern Medical Services, PLLCGary Gene Leonhardt, MD12/31/2003
Eastern NC Urological Consultants, PAJonathan Nathaniel Hamilton12/17/2019
Eastern Nephrology Associates, PLLCM. Carney Taylor11/03/1994
Eastern North Carolina Medical Group, P.L.L.C.WASLAW, LLC01/28/1999
Eastern Pediatrics, P.A.Stephen L. Phillips06/13/2005
Eastern Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, PLLCBilly Ray Smith03/01/2010
Eastern Psychiatric & Behavioral Specialists, PLLCMarion E. Wright, M.D.10/28/1999
Eastern Psychiatry, PABrian T. Smith, M.D.10/21/2008
Eastern Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, P.A.Mohammed Sayeed Hossain, M.D.08/18/2015
Eastern Radiation Oncology, PLLCKyle E. Rusthoven, M.D.03/02/2015
Eastern Radiologists, Inc.Michael McLaughlin,M.D.01/01/1972
Eastern Regional Pain Specialists, P.A.Ronald M. Long, MD12/12/2006
Eastern Urological Associates, P.A.Gregory F. Murphy MD09/01/1976
Easterwood Surgical PLLCLee Easterwood01/22/2020
Eastover Family Care, P.C.Margaret Susan Lewis11/28/2007
Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group of the Carolinas, P.A.Marcus A. Pelucio, M.D.08/16/2007
Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group, P.AMarcus A Pelucio, MD09/01/1985
Eastowne Family Physicians, P.A.Tagbo J. Ekwonu07/19/2007
Eaux Claires Med, PLLCAllison M. Valentine08/22/2019
ECEP II, P.A.Michael P. Moulton, MD12/18/1998
ECH Services, PCElisabeth Thompson (919) 302-634106/05/2013
ECI HP E-Health (TN), PLLCC T Corporation System08/06/2015
Ed Entmacher, MD, PLLCEd Entmacher, MD12/30/2003
Eden Internal Medicine, PLLCAshish C. Shah11/25/1998
Eden Medspa Wellness & Weight Management, P.A.Obinna C. Oriaku, MD, FACP, CPE, MBA09/05/2008
Eden Vascular, PLLCCT Corporation System02/09/2015
Edenton Urology Clinic, P.C.Joel Crist Reynolds, M.D.06/18/1999
Edgewater Medical Associates, PLLCRodolfo C. Reyes, M.D.11/08/2001
Edgewater Women's Health Centre, P.C.Scott E. Lawrence01/14/2000
eDiagnostics, PLLCCorporation Service Company06/02/2020
Edmond J. Welsh, MD, PCEdmond J. Welsh, MD02/22/2011
Edouard F. Armour, M.D., P.A.Edouard F. Armour, M.D.09/20/2011
Ed's Emergency Medicine, P.A.Edwin Paul Yaeger, Jr.08/15/2002
EDW Consulting, PLLCErica Wimberly03/30/2012
Edward Kenneth Isbey III MD PLLCEdward K Isbey09/11/2020
Edwards' Periprocedural Solutions, PLLCJohn Bates10/25/2019
Edwin J. Green, M. D., P. A.Edwin J. Green, M.D.02/26/1981
Edwin L. Hartman MD, P.A.Edwin L. Hartman, M.D.06/01/1982
Efficient Locums PLLCAmar Panchal11/16/2017
Eir Pax Psychiatry PLLCL.C. Wright08/31/2020
EJS Anesthesia, PLLCUnited States Corporation Agents, Inc.09/30/2019
Eksir Health PLLCAlexander Arya Eksir12/05/2017
Elan Med Spa, PCLenita Hammonds-Murphy, PA-C10/03/2012
Eleanor Health Professional NC, PLLCNzinga Harrison07/19/2019
Elev8 MD Wellness Center, PLLCLaKesha Legree04/23/2018
Elevate Men's Clinic, PAHunter Hansen03/05/2018
Elias Ashame, M.D., P.L.L.C.Elias Ashame, M.D.03/23/2011
Elite Hands: Advanced Clinical Providers, PLLCHarry Kurtz, PA-C01/09/2007
Elitecare of Fayetteville, PLLCTravis Sanders Ross, PA-C11/05/2013
Elizabeth B. Hill, M.D, PLLCElizabeth B Hill07/14/2016
Elizabeth D. Bryan, M.D., P.A.Elizabeth D. Bryan, M.D.06/24/2004
Elizabeth Dewey MD PLLCElizabeth Dewey, M.D.06/03/2014
Elizabeth F. Gardner M.D., PAElizabeth F. Gardner04/25/2016
Elizabeth Gignac DO, PLLCElizabeth Gignac09/26/2018
Elizabeth H. Holt, M.D., P.A.Donald C. Holt03/29/1994
Elizabeth York, MD, PLLCElizabeth York06/23/2020
Elkin Emergency Physicians, PLLCSteven G. Isaacs, MD06/05/2007
Elkin Pediatric & Adult Medicine, P.A.Stephen T. Walker08/24/1999
Ellenhorn NC, PLLCStephen A. Brown12/20/2019
Ellington Medical Services PLLCETHEN ELLINGTON08/27/2020
Elliott Bierman Medical Group, PLLCHarrison B Baucom09/09/2016
Ellison & Associates of Raleigh, P.C.Maxlyn L. Ellison, MD10/15/2004
Ellyn Meshel MD NC PLLCEllyn Meshel, M.D.04/14/2016
Elohim Housecall Doctors, P.A.Philip Asenso08/05/2016
ELT4 NC, P.C.Cogency Global Inc.03/24/2020
EM Care Handler PLLCKeith J. Handler02/18/2019
EMDS Care, PLLCTimothy R. Snead08/20/2018
Emerge Med Spa & Salon, P.C.Felicia D. Hussey, M.D.01/27/2011
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Carteret County, PLLCCorporation Service Company07/20/2000
Emergency Medicine Physicians Of Craven County, P.L.L.C.Corporation Service Company03/25/1998
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Davidson County PLLCCorporation Service Company03/31/2003
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Gaston County, PLLCCorporation Service Company07/07/2005
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Iredell County, PLLCCorporation Service Company10/15/2009
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Lenoir County, PLLCCorporation Service Company05/19/1999
Emergency Medicine Physicians of Mecklenburg County, PLLCCorporation Service Company10/15/2009
Emergency Medicine Physicians Of Pasquotank County, PLLCCorporation Service Company10/21/1998
Emergency Physician Associates Of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company06/03/1998
Emergency Physician Associates, Inc.Corporation Service Company09/30/1994
Emergency Physician Services, PLLCCari Wilcox Dillard01/18/2019
Emergency Room Call Services, PLLCScott C. Brandon, M.D,05/16/2007
Emergency Solutions, PLLCAmy Elizabeth Burford10/18/2017
Emergent E Enterprises, PLLCJesse H Ellsworth09/16/2019
EmergeOrtho, P.A.Corporation Service Company08/01/1974
Emmanuel Medical Group, PLLCInCorp Services, Inc.07/25/2019
EMPA-C, PLLCLisa G. Best12/28/2016
EMPALL CARE PLLCVishal Bhuva07/28/2020
Engage Health Partners, PLLCDavid Morris Marks, MD03/10/2020
Engenio PLLCEugenio De Jesus Gonzalez01/29/2010
Englewood Ob-Gyn Associates, Inc.Tommy R. Harris M.D.03/29/1994
Enhanced Images Medical, PLLCBruce Marko, MD03/16/2011
ENR MED PLLCEdavally Reddy, M.D.10/06/2014
EnSee, PLLCNathan Samuel Cuka06/25/2020
ENT & Audiology Associates, P.L.L.C.Joseph H. Stallings, Esq.04/16/1999
ENT Carolina, P.A.Frederic E. Levy, M.D.05/01/1991
Environmental And Occupational Medicine Consultants, P.A.Douglas S. Campbell, M.D.02/18/1994
Envision Behavioral Health, PLLCJessica Cipoletti Derreberry04/24/2018
Envision Pain Management PLLCTravis Hecker09/19/2019
EOI Wellness Clinic, PCKaren Iboaya10/17/2018
EPMD, PLLCEkta Vinodchandra Patel05/24/2018
Epstein Medicine Management PLLCBenjamin Epstein05/06/2016
Eric S. Bindewald, MD, PLLCEric Stewart Bindewald, MD01/16/2018
Eric S. Zickerman D.O., PLLCEric S. Zickerman05/03/2018
Erich W. Smith, PCErich Waverly Smith, PA12/02/2009
Erickson Health Medical Group of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company01/25/2018
Ericson Radiology, P.A.Douglas P. Ericson, M.D.11/08/2002
Ericsson Aesthetics PLLCKristina Ericsson10/10/2019
Erik Gustke, M.D. PLLCErik Jonathan Gustke, M.D.08/22/2013
Ernesto J.F. Graham, M.D., P.A.Ernesto J.F. Graham, M.D.11/08/2002
Eskra Plastic Surgery PLLCBenjamin D. Eskra08/26/2020
Espérer Institute PLLCPaul Trombley02/27/2018
Espirit de corps Management PCKenneth J. Welch, M.D.06/28/2011
Essential Anti-Aging - Holly Springs, PLLCJames R. Stevens03/19/2020
Essential Elements Medical Group PLLCThao Phuong Le, D.O.03/08/2013
Essential Geriatric Care, P.A.Hong Yu, M.D.08/14/2007
Essential Health and Wellness - Triad, PLLCJames R. Stevens10/16/2019
Essential Health and Wellness Raleigh, PLLCJames R. Stevens02/01/2017
Essential Health and Wellness, PLLCJames R. Stevens, M.D.02/10/2011
Essential Health Medical Group, P.A.William C. Haas, III04/28/2020
Essential Staffing Solutions, P.L.L.C.David Matthew Sterling, Jr., PA10/08/2008
Essex Pediatrics P.A.Sherine A. Ibrahim M.D.06/24/1997
Estes Sports, PLLCRalph Christian Estes, M.D.06/04/2014
ESTHETICS: Center for Dermatology, P.A.Peggy A. Fuller, MD04/05/2005
EtseMED P.L.L.C.Adekunbi Egwakhe08/03/2020
ETUKURU MD PCInCorp Services, Inc.08/10/2016
Eugene D. Day, M.D., P.A.Carol K. Silverstein03/01/1971
Eugene David Mindel, MD, PLLCEugene David Mindel, MD01/05/2012
Eugene Wade Enterprises PCEugene Wade, M.D.07/03/2012
Eva M. Sikora, M.D., PLLCEva M. Sikora, M.D.07/12/2002
Evaluations, Inc.Daniel W. Bradford, M.D.08/16/2001
Evans Dermatology Consulting PLLC Thomas Evans05/21/2019
Eventus WholeHealth, PLLCGeorge Hall06/08/2018
Evergreen Health Promotion, P.A.Robert L. Bloomfield, M.D.04/17/2000
Evergreen Medical PLLCCelia B. Entwistle MD11/17/2016
Everhart Cardiology, P.L.L.C.Robert G. Everhart10/29/2009
EverVitalMD, PLLCJohn Woodward, M.D.09/03/2015
Evolve Medical Associates, PLLCDonald J. Sudy, M.D.06/18/2004
Evoro PLLCAndrew Timothy07/21/2016
Exams 4 You PLLCChristopher E Lacroix09/16/2020
Excel Psychiatric Associates, P.A.James Faust11/20/2012
EXCELLASE PLLCDeborah Haduk M.D10/21/2013
ExecMed P.A. Ian Kim06/22/2018
Expert Orthopaedic Analysis, PLLCVincent Edgar Paul10/31/2016
Eye Associates of Rowan, P.A.Donald Bergsma, Jr., M.D.03/22/2000
Eye Care & Surgeons of Charlotte, PLLCDara Khalatbari06/08/2020
Eye Consultants of Greensboro, P.A.Michael Terry Hodges, J.D.07/02/1999
Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Durham, PLLCC T Corporation System12/05/2018
Eye Specialists of Carolina, P.A.Demetrian I. Dornic, M.D.06/05/2003
E-Z Medical Weight Loss PLLCBenjamin C Mozie02/09/2017
F. Alice Bishopric, M.D., PLLCKevin C. McIntosh05/16/2007
Face Forward MediSpa, PLLCDavid Herminghuysen, MD05/07/2020
Faces by Melissa PLLCMelissa Thomason05/09/2019
Facials and Fillers Aesthetic Center, PLLCWesley Anderson Collins12/13/2010
FactoredIn, PLLCKant Shah12/30/2016
Fadi Asfahan MD, PLLCFadi Asfahan02/05/2020
Faillace General Surgery, P.A.Deon F. Faillace, M.D.04/02/2004
Fair Winds Surgical Associates, PLLCLachlan David Noyes , MD, FACS01/05/2012
Fairville Oasis, PLLCOluwaseye Alabi, D.O.01/22/2015
Faith Medical Center P.C.Joel A. Onafowokan04/07/2006
Faith Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Inc.Dr. Connell Covington02/17/1993
Faithful & Well MediSpa And Wellness Center, PCMonique Brown, M.D.06/24/2019
Fakhri Internal Medicine, PAMouhamed Iyad Fakhri06/20/2019
FAMHEALTH Primary Care PAEnid Tallmer07/14/2016
Family Allergy Asthma & Sinus Care, P.A.Sanjay Jaikrishin Khiani, M.D.04/12/2012
Family Behavioral Health, P.L.L.C.Barry N. Williams, M.D.05/11/1998
Family Care Associates Of Montgomery County, P.A.John M. Woodyear, Jr., M.D.08/02/1995
Family Care Health & Wellness Center, Inc.Stephen Leighton, M.D.08/13/2015
Family Care of Fairview, P.A.Diana Bradley, M.D.07/31/2001
Family Care Of Winston-Salem, P.A.Marc W. Ingersoll Esq.05/31/1996
Family Care Partners of North Carolina, PLLCCharles Hunter12/20/2016
Family Care, P.A.Sabrina M. Mentock12/10/2001
Family Centered Healthcare, P.A.Dain E. Vines, M.D.08/18/2008
Family Dermatology of North Carolina, PCMatthew K. Flynn04/26/2016
Family Eye Care of the Carolinas, P.A.Robert S. Thompson12/31/2005
Family First Primary Care, PLLCRobert W. Gardner, M.D.10/22/2014
Family Functional Medicine, PLLCAlice M. Ingram03/23/2018
Family Healthcare of Lake Norman. PCVincent Winegardner01/25/2005
Family Healthcare Practice, PLLCThomas Elliott Goodin, III, MD07/27/2007
Family Medical Associates of Raleigh, P.A.Bethany Suggs03/24/1997
Family Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, P.C.Maqsood Ahmed05/09/2000
Family Medicine Associates of Lincoln County, PLLCMark L. Kiefer, M.D.10/13/2003
Family Psychiatric Solutions, PLLCQionna Mariel Tinney, MD05/02/2013
Family Psychiatry And Psychology Associates, P.ASeth E. Tabb, M.D.10/03/1996
Family Wellness Clinic, P.A.Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, M.D.11/02/2004
Fancy Face, PLLCAmy R Rich, PA-C07/16/2015
Farasi, PLLCSimbiso Ranga12/06/2017
Fast Braiin Oxford, PLLCCornelius F. Cathcart, M.D.02/11/2014
FastMed Health NC, PLLCJerry Creech08/17/2018
FastMed Urgent Care, P.C.National Registered Agents, Inc.12/28/2010
Fayetteville Anesthesia, P.A.Frederick B. Payne, M.D.01/17/1996
Fayetteville Associates In Laboratory Medicine, P.A.Jerald F. Wolford, M.D.11/01/1977
Fayetteville Children's Clinic, P.A.William H. Kelly, M.D.03/01/1972
Fayetteville Emergency Medical Associates, P.C.Corporation Service Company04/17/2015
Fayetteville Endocrinology And Diabetes Clinic, P.A.Syed Asif R. Rizvi, M.D.09/17/1997
Fayetteville Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.William F. Vorder Bruegge, M.D.04/10/1995
Fayetteville Heart Center, P.C.Divyang Patel, M.D.10/03/1996
Fayetteville Neurology Associates, P.A.Indira Gautam11/21/2003
Fayetteville Orthopaedic Clinic, P.A.Mark Macejko02/01/1974
Fayetteville Otolaryngology - Head And Neck Surgery, P.A.Steven T. Pantelakos06/01/1978
Fayetteville Plastic Surgery Specialists, P. A.Edward E. Dickerson, IV01/01/1989
Fayetteville Pulmonology-Critical Care, P.C.GAUTAM DEV MD12/27/1995
Fayetteville Surgical Arts, PLLC Celia M. Mendes04/01/2019
Fayetteville Urgent Care and Family Medicine, P.A.Godfrey S. Fondinka, M.D.03/13/2012
Fayetteville Vascular and Vein Center P.A.Michael A. Leke, M.D.01/29/2009
Fayetteville Woman's Care, P.A.Myron S. Strickland, M.D., Managing Partner06/01/1970
FE Emergency Medicine, PLLCFrances Eizember01/25/2018
Felicia K. Cain, M.D., P.A.Felicia K. Cain03/17/2017
Fern Gully Anesthesia Services, PLLCMelanie C. Smith, M.D.05/13/2015
Ferncreek Cardiology, P.A.Matthew A. Daka, MD, FACC, FSCAI03/17/2010
Ferncreek Primary Care, PCPravinkumar K. Patel, M.D.08/20/2015
Ferreras Neurology, PLLCHerminia D Ferreras08/29/2019
Fields Family Psychiatry, PLLCApril Louise Fields12/18/2017
Finn Facial Plastics, P.A.Mitchell Warner Law Offices, P.A.04/08/2009
Firefly MD, P.C.Joshua H. Short, M.D.11/15/2012
First Call Medical Group, PLLCMatthew C Horton01/04/2019
First Care Medical Clinic, Inc.BENEDICT ONWUKWE OKWARA10/25/1994
First Light Radiology Services, P.C.Cynthia Humphries02/23/2010
First Med PCNdi Johnnie Maduako, M.D.08/12/2015
First Opinion North Carolina, P.C.Incorporating Services, Ltd.10/08/2015
First Pediatric Care Center, P.A.A. Stuart McKaig III09/24/2003
First Sight Laser Vision Center, P.C.Rebecca L. Smitherman04/16/2010
Fischer Clinic, PLLCBenjamin Fischer, M.D.12/21/2015
Flash RSN Family and Urgent Care PLLCKwamba Ekwa Nkembe09/15/2020
Flynn Dermatology, P.A.Matthew K. Flynn, M.D.05/01/2003
FMA Direct, PLLCMark L. Kiefer07/05/2018
Focus.MD-NC 1013, PLLCElizabeth Neel, M.D.08/14/2014
Focused Women's Healthcare, PLLCBrittian W. Beaver01/25/2018
Foothills Family Dermatology, PLLCKim David Edhegard II09/30/2020
For Kids Only, PLLCMildred F. Carson, M.D.09/09/2014
For Our SAKE, PLLCMary Macaluso01/22/2020
For Women, P.A.Warner Law Offices, PLLC05/28/2003
Forefront Dermatology, P.C.CT Corporation System04/30/2018
Forest Dermatology, PAH. Duncan Dorris, Jr.10/25/2005
Forrest Harrison MD PLLCForrest Harrison03/18/2020
Forsyth Emergency Services, P.A.Elizabeth Horton, Attorney01/02/1970
Forsyth Eye Health and Surgery, P.C.Rebecca Smitherman01/31/2019
Forsyth Plastic Surgical Associates, P.A.John A Fagg, MD07/01/1974
Forsyth Psychiatric Associates, PLLCHao Wang02/17/2016
Forsyth Surgical Associates, PLLCGajendra Singh, M.D.10/30/2013
Fortier Obstetrics & Gynecology, PLLCKenneth J. Fortier, M.D.09/17/2002
Fosnight Center for Sexual Health, PLLCAleece Fosnight07/30/2019
FoundationMed, PLLCMichael O. Citron, MD06/23/2011
Four County Orthopedics, P.A.Rafael E. Negron-Medina08/04/2016
Foy-Med, PLLCZachary Foy01/20/2020
Frances E. DeChurch & Assoc., PLLCFrances E. DeChurch, M.D.12/13/2002
Frances Greason, PLLCFrances Greason07/06/2016
Frank Ingram, M.D., P.A.W. Franklin Ingram, M.D.12/22/2008
Franklin Family Practice, P.A.Gustav Wilde M.D.12/09/1994
Franklin Plastic Surgery, PLLCJoseph Andrew Franklin05/27/2016
Franklin Regional Emergency Physicians, PLLCCT Corporation System04/22/2004
Frauke C. Schaefer, MD, Inc.Frauke C. Schaefer, MD05/22/2006
Fred Benedict MD PLLCFred Benedict, MD11/09/2011
Fred W. Caudill, M.D., P.L.L.C.Fred W. Caudill, M.D.10/27/1999
FREEDOC, PLLCJames R. Kelly, M.D.12/18/2014
Freedom Family Medicine, P.A.J. Ashley Parker, M.D.10/01/2015
Freedom Medical Clinic & Urgent Care, P.A.Ndofunsu Badika, M.D.03/11/2005
Freedom Psychiatry Services PLLCKondal Rao Madaram02/23/2018
Freedom2Care, DPC, PLLCBouaSy Ly Huneycutt07/28/2020
French Broad Pediatric Associates, PLLCJohn D Templeton04/25/2012
Friendly Urgent and Family Care, PCEnrico G. Jones, MD12/22/2005
Friendship Medical Center, P.A.Annette L. Troy, M.D.07/31/2007
Frye Medical & Consulting Services, P.C.Michael Kermit Frye, M.D.01/25/2012
Fuller Advanced Practitioner Staffing, PLLCNathaniel Fuller03/08/2018
Functional Medicine Center of the Carolinas, P.CDaniel Jeffrey Rashid, M.D.02/06/2015
FunctionalCare 360 PLLCJarred Fisher01/30/2020
Fuquay Ophthalmology and Glaucoma, P.C.Kenneth W. Roach, M.D.07/07/2003
Fuquay-Varina Family Practice, P.A.H. Lawrence Warner, Jr, J.D. M.B.A.03/07/2000
FutureMed Evening Clinic PLLCDwight M. Williams03/22/2017
G&G Healthcare P.C.Ulysses Taylor04/28/1997
G. Patricia Herrera, M.D., P.A.G. Patricia Herrera, M.D.05/21/2003
G. Patrick Guiteras, M.D., PLLCG. Patrick Guiteras, MD05/02/2008
Gabriel T. Chong, MD, PCGabriel T. Chong, M.D.12/10/2014
Gabrielle Neal-Barney, PLLCGabrielle Neal-Barney05/06/2019
Gaffney Health Services, P.A.Mary E. Gaffney, DO11/13/2006
Gainesville Eye Associates, PLLC C T Corporation System02/28/2018
Galilea Medical Group, P.A.CT Corporation System11/22/2019
Galileo Medical Group NC, P.C.C T Corporation System10/26/2018
Galland Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, PLLCMark W. Galland, MD01/13/2010
GAPS Health NC PLLCCT Corporation System05/14/2019
Garlick & Murray Family Medicine, P.A.William Lynnewood Garlick, Jr., M.D.10/05/2009
Garner Family Practice, P.A.Gregory T. Pleasants, MD08/01/1981
Garner Internal Medicine, P.A.Steven Turner, MD08/03/1999
Garrett S. Stigall, DDS, MD, PAGarrett Stigall08/05/2019
Gartner Medical Enterprises, P.C.Seth H. Gartner, M.D.07/31/2007
Gary D. Waldman, M.D., P.A.Gary D. Waldman, M.D.06/01/1985
Gary L. Smoot, M.D., P.A.Gary L. Smoot, M.D.04/24/2007
Gary Mauldin MD PLLCGary Mauldin09/11/2018
Gary S. Berger, M.D., P.A.Gary S. Berger M.D.09/01/1979
Gaston Family Care, P.A.Gary S. Schenk, Sr. MD06/05/2001
Gaston Gastroenterology, P.A.Nancy B. Paschall12/14/1995
Gaston Medical Associates, P.A.Olufolarin A. Ajao, M.D.04/12/2000
Gaston Medical Partners, PLLCBrian E. Wysong09/30/2019
Gaston Radiology, P. A.Richard S. Herring, MD07/01/1971
Gaston Urological Associates, P.A.Barry R. Lee, M.D.09/01/1970
Gastonia Medical Solutions, P.C.Anup Banerjee, M.D.09/07/2007
Gastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.Mikell J. Jarratt, M.D.12/01/1977
Gastonia Physician Services, PLLCCorporation Service Company04/11/2014
Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care, PAJohn H Griffing05/02/2017
Gastro Temp PLLCStefan Marcuard, M.D.11/19/2015
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Consultants, P.A.Ghassan Al-Sabbagh, M.D.04/10/2000
Gastroenterology Associates of the Piedmont, P. A.Robert J Holmes, M.D.10/01/1979
Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.John H. Meier M.D.04/23/1996
Gastroenterology East, P.A.Jack C. Cole, D.O.06/03/2005
GastroIntestinal Healthcare, P.A.Boris Cvetkovski, MD09/18/1998
Gate City Anesthesia, Inc.Donald E. Linder MD09/01/1985
Gateway Health Inc.Corporation Service Company08/27/2015
Gaurang Palikh, MD, PCGaurang Palikh05/12/2016
Gautam Patel, PLLCGautam Patel, MD09/27/2011
Gem Capital Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company06/21/2018
GenCare, PCBanzet, Thompson, Styers, & May, PLLC08/22/2019
General Medical Clinic, P.A.Dwight M. Williams MD01/11/2006
General Medical PLLCPaul Anthony Mattera11/18/2016
General Medicine of North Carolina, PCResident Agent Solutions, Inc.11/09/2016
Genesis Care PCMarshall Albert Cross11/13/2019
Genevieve Schult, PLLCGenevieve C. Schult, MD12/21/2015
George E. Rinker, M. D., P. A.Wilson Ratledge, PLLC01/01/1979
George H. Dornblazer MD PAGeorge H. Dornblazer, MD08/01/1990
George M. Tosky M.D. PLLCGeroge M. Tosky 11/22/2019
George R. Kilpatrick, Jr., M.D., P.A.George R. Kilpatrick, M.D.10/01/1978
George V. Huffmon, III, M.D., PLLCWASLAW02/10/2020
GEPS Physician Group of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company08/30/2013
Geriatric Healthcare Services, P.C.Maria Iruela07/30/2001
Geriatric Neuropsychiatry Services, PLLCRobert Ernest Williams, M.D.06/10/2010
Geriatrics Consulting Services of Greensboro, P.A.Desmond G. Sheridan03/05/2002
Gericare, PCW. McNair Tornow11/07/2007
Geridoc PLLCAlbert S. Ford, M.D.03/21/2016
Gestalt Pain Consultants, PLLCAde Akande10/01/2018
Ghani Medical Services, PLLCMuhammad Abdul Ghani10/05/2017
Ghannam PLLCWaseem Ghannam, M.D.12/18/2012
Ghim and Associates, PLLCMichael Ghim12/21/2016
GI GUY Ambulatory Surgery Center PCKia Vernon09/14/2017
GI Value Products and Services, PLLCDhyan P. Rajan08/28/2019
Gilead Road Family and Urgent Care, PLLCDennis Seetall Pesaud, MD05/28/2008
Gina Martin, M.D., P.L.L.C.Gina Abbruzzi Martin, M.D.07/27/2009
Gingras Sleep Medicine, P.A.Jeannine L. Gingras, MD06/21/2010
Giovanni M. Salerno M.D., P.C.Giovanni M. Salerno09/13/2017
GirlTalk & Gynecology, PCJennifer Orr03/18/2010
Glaucoma and Cataract Associates of North Carolina, P.C.Nouman Siddiqui, M.D.12/01/2011
Glenn B. Paige, M.D., P.A.Paige, Glenn B03/17/2017
GLT Medical Health Services, PLLCGloria Tsan, M.D.03/21/2016
Go Doc Go, PLLCThomas James Doohan07/17/2017
Goen Physician Services, P.L.L.C.Tracy Goen09/28/2018
GOJO, PLLCEryn Alpert05/01/2019
Gold Hill Family Medicine, PLLCDarren Brent Kelly, M.D.08/12/2013
Goldman Medical PAMeidad Goldman03/06/2017
Goldsboro Anesthesia, P.C.Venkatatasomaiah C. Motaparthy, M.D.08/09/2011
Goldsboro Emergency Medical Specialists, Inc.Terry A. Grant, M.D.07/10/1998
Goldsboro Eye Clinic, PLLCCharles S. Zwerling, MD05/02/2006
Goldsboro Family Physicians, P.A.Donald Keith Clarke, M.D.07/01/1992
Goldsboro Internal Medicine and Med-Spa, PLLCDr. Renu J. Seth07/03/2019
Goldsboro Medical Center, P.A.Terry J. Carlton11/07/2007
Goldsboro Medical Specialists, P.A.W JAMES STACKHOUSE, M.D.02/01/1981
Goldsboro Neurological Surgery P.A.Clinton E. Massey05/02/1995
Goldsboro Pediatrics P. A.Christopher Griffin08/01/1979
Goldsboro Psychiatric Clinic, P.A.Ronald T. Lawrence, II12/09/2002
Goldsboro Skin Center, P.A.John L. Jennings, Jr., M.D.05/23/2001
Goli Emergency Medicine, PLLCDevainder Goli01/22/2018
Gonzalo Cabral, PLLCGonzalo Cabral, M.D.04/28/2015
Good Hope PLLCLegalinc Corporate Services Inc.12/15/2017
Gordon W. Jacobs, MD, Inc.Gordon W. Jacobs, MD06/03/1998
Gosrani Optimal Health, PLLCNimish C. Gosrani, M.D.02/13/2013
Grace Medical Clinics, P.A.Julius K. Tokunboh, M.D.01/04/2000
Grace Anesthesiology, P.C.Frederick Palmquist, M.D.12/18/2014
Grace Direct Primary Care PCNina Lucas08/13/2020
GRACE G. EVINS, MD, PAGrace Gibbes Evins11/06/2012
Grace Health Care Center PLLCChinenye Uchendu03/19/2020
Grace Hematology and Oncology, P.A.Sung Uk Kim, M.D.11/13/2000
Grace OB-GYN, P.A.David L Cobb, MD07/01/1985
Grace Pediatric Clinics, P.A.Julius K. Tokunboh08/21/2003
Grace Women's Clinic, P.A.Lynde G. Knowles-Jonas, M.D.10/14/2005
Graeme Family Medicine, PLLCKatelynn Graeme09/14/2020
Graham Medical Care, P.A.Larry J Sykes P.A.C.10/05/2005
Graham Mobile Urgent Care PCLeonard F. Polanco08/10/2020
Grand Prairie Healthcare Services, P.C.CORPORATE CREATIONS NETWORK INC.08/18/2015
GRAND ROUNDS FLORIDA, P.A.C T Corporation System11/08/2019
Grandy Family Medicine PCLeslie Michelle McPherson MD08/07/2018
Grant F. Koher, D.O., P.C.Grant F. Koher12/10/2004
Grant Professional Services, PLLCTerry A. Grant, MD06/17/2008
Graper Cosmetic Surgery, P.A.Robert G. Graper, M.D.10/05/1993
Graybeal Radiology, P.L.L.C.Brent D. Barringer08/08/2007
Graystone Ophthalmology Associates P.A.T. Reginald Williams, M.D.03/01/1971
Great Smokies Medical Center, IncJohn L. Wilson, Jr., M.D.07/01/1986
Greater Carolina Ear Nose & Throat P.AAnita L. Jackson M.D.08/11/1997
Greater Carolina Sleep Diagnostic PLLCRichard John Schumann Jr01/08/2020
Greater Charlotte Oral & Facial Surgery, P.A.Amir Marashi, M.D.11/08/2002
Greater Hickory Family Medicine, PLLCDaniel N. Gill06/04/2002
Green Hill Recovery Professional, PLLCJ. Eulan Johnson, III08/14/2020
Greenman Eye Associates, PLLCHerb Greenman04/15/2004
Greensboro Adult & Adolescent Internal Medicine, P.A.William McKeown, MD03/25/1996
Greensboro Dermatology Associates, P.A.Laura L. Lomax, M.D.05/01/1990
Greensboro Ophthalmology Associates, P.A.Sara E. Soneburner, M.D.10/01/1980
Greensboro Pathology Services, P.L.L.C.Registered Agent Solutions, Inc09/24/2007
Greensboro Pediatric Surgery, PCM. Shuaib Farooqui, MD08/13/2009
Greensboro Pediatricians, Inc.Ronald J. Pudlo, M.D.04/19/1999
Greensboro Plastic Surgical Assoc., P.A.Gerald L. Truesdale M.D.02/01/1983
Greensboro Radiation Oncologists, P.A.John S. Moody, MD, PhD12/01/1986
Greensboro Radiology, P.A.Corporation Service Company01/01/1970
Greensboro Rejuvenation, The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, PAShawn Dalton-Bethea, MD12/02/2009
Greensboro Rheumatology, P.A.James F. Beekman, M.D.03/16/2016
Greensboro Spine and Scoliosis Center, PLLCMax Cohen, MD02/08/2007
Greenville Express Care, P.A.Donald A. Ribeiro, MD11/07/2008
Greenville Eye Clinic, Inc.Catherine M. Sloop01/01/1971
Greenville Family Doctors, P.A.Quentin A. Mewborn, M.D.01/20/1975
Greenville Health Care, P.A.C. Lee Quinn, Jr.01/19/2017
Greenville Medical Care, P.A.Amy Alston Wells08/27/2008
Greenville Pathology P.A.William A. Ballance M.D.04/02/1997
Greenville Pediatric Services, Inc.Ernest O. Sutton III MD05/01/1971
Greenville Plastic Surgery, P.A.Amy Alston Wells07/01/1992
Greenville Psychiatric Associates, P.A.Winston Earl Lane, M.D.07/01/1983
Greenville Surgical, PLLCRonnie Greene06/20/2005
Greenway Health, PLLCJames B. Hogan12/16/2008
Greenwood Emergency Medicine PLLCJon Eder Krupnick MD05/19/2014
Gregory Bracewell, M.D., P.A.Gregory Bracewell12/31/2002
Gregory C. Risk, M.D., P.C.Gregory C Risk10/26/2012
Gregory H. Crisp, M.D., P.A.Gregory H. Crisp, M.D. PA07/19/1999
Gregory J. Dray, MD, PCGregory J. Dray03/22/2002
Gregory L. Ruff, M.D., P.A.W. H. Lambe, Jr. Attorney @ Law03/21/2002
Gregory Narron, M.D. & Associates, PLLCGregory H. Narron, M.D.01/05/2000
Gretchen Green MD PLLCGretchen Green11/07/2016
Grewal Center for Mind Body Medicine, P.A.Harkiran Grewal, M.D.01/14/2016
Griffin Eye Center, PLLCNeil B Griffin, M.D.02/29/2016
Groat Eyecare Associates, P.A.Robert L. Groat MD11/01/1981
Grome Physiatry, PLLCCara Grome06/03/2016
Grotzke, M.D., P.A.Stephanie A. Grotzke, MD02/07/2018
Grove Park Pediatrics, P.C.Margarita Goldar, M.D.04/05/2005
Grover Clinic, P.C.Arun Grover, M.D.02/12/2004
Growing Up Pediatrics, P.A.Wendy Talley, MD02/14/2000
GS Murphy, PLLCGeoffrey S. Murphy, M.D.10/28/2014
Guffin Gasworks, PLLCShawn Guffin12/05/2018
Guha Medical, P.A.Subrata John Guha, M.D.08/30/2013
Guilford Emergency Physicians, PAKevin E. Steinl11/04/1998
Guilford Medical Associates, P.A.Richard A. Aronson, M.D.10/01/1975
Guilford Medical Center P.A.Marc L. Isaacson Esq.11/25/1996
Guilford Neurologic Associates, Inc.C. Keith Willis, M.D.04/01/1971
Guilford Pain Management, P.A.Mark L. Phillips, M.D.05/19/2000
Guilford Surgical Associates, PLLCNorthwest Registered Agent Service, Inc03/27/2019
Gunn Plastic Surgery Center, PLLCLaura A. Gunn, M.D.02/11/2005
Gurley Medical Group, PLLCRegina Gurley, PA-C12/16/2015
Gustavo A. Diaz, MD, PLLCGustavo A. Diaz03/23/2015
GYN Center for Women, P.A.Pouru P. Bhiwandiwalla, M.D.04/27/2001
Gynecology and Laparoscopic Surgeons, PCLisa M. Roberts06/06/2002
H.O.P.E. Regional Medical Clinic, PLLCDemaura Russell04/26/2019
H10 Health Services, P.L.L.C.United States Corporation Agents, Inc05/03/2018
H2 Laser, PLLCDiana Newby-Boyd03/12/2019
H3 Healthcare, P.A.Jane Harrell, M.D.05/14/2014
Habiba Tunau, M.D., PLLCHabiba Tunau, M.D.07/21/2006
Hafeez Health Care PLLCYamama Hafeez01/10/2019
Half Moon Medical Associates, PLLCGregory A. Moon, LPCS02/03/2014
Halifax Gastroenterology, P.C.Nagarjuna Yerra03/22/2005
Halifax Pediatrics, P.A.Robert D. Kornegay, Jr. Attorney04/01/1990
Halifax Radiological Associates, P.C.Joseph M. Winston, Jr.12/21/2017
Halliday Medical Services PLLCArthur R Halliday02/15/2018
Halo Health, PCDaniel Minior11/08/2019
Halvorson Plastic Surgery, P.A.Eric G. Halvorson11/10/2016
Hamad Medical Group, PLLCWilliam E. Parker III03/15/2019
Hampstead Medical Center, P.C.Shyam L. Garg, M.D.01/11/1996
Hampton Eye Associates, P.A.Warner Law Offices, PLLC06/22/2012
Hampton Opthalmology, P.A.Warner Law Offices, PLLC01/24/2011
Hank Clay, Jr., M.D. P.C.Hank Clay, Jr.09/02/2005
Hanna Slumber, PLLCPamela G Hanna06/21/2018
Hanora Medical Center PLLCBenjamin C. Udoh, M.D.12/09/2010
Hanover Pediatrics, PLLCHoke W. Pollock04/13/2017
Hansen Anesthesia, PCJacob Hansen01/22/2015
Hansen Medical, PLLCTodd R. Hansen, M.D.01/04/2012
Harborview Plastic Surgery And Neurology, P.A.Jean-Pierre Riou, M.D.01/22/1996
Hardee Family Medicine, P.A.Michael W. Hardee, M.D.06/04/2004
Haresh M. Kathard MD, PLLCHaresh M Kathard04/27/2010
Harlow Medical, PLLCKatherine L. Harlow, M.D.10/01/2014
Harmony Medical Spa, P.A.Kim L. Crosby, M.D. FACS11/04/2010
HARNETT EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS, PLLCCorporation Service Company02/28/2013
Harnett Heart & Vascular Center, PCDivyang Patel03/18/2020
Harpe Laser and Wellness, PLLCCharles C. Harpe, M.D.02/09/2015
Harrisburg Hospitalist PLLCRajesh Rohilla09/09/2016
HARRY D. SCHNEIDER, MD P.C.Harry D Schneider, MD, PC01/04/2013
Harry M. Coletta II, M.D., PLLCHarry M. Coletta II, M.D.12/18/2003
Hart Anesthesiology, PCAndrew Hart08/01/2016
Hart Family Practice P.A.Robert Eric Hart M.D.05/29/1996
Hart Wellness, P.C.Robert Eric Hart, MD12/13/2001
HarvardMed Family Practice, Inc.Mariyam Hussain03/20/2003
Harvest Moon Women's Health, PLLCJan Parkinson11/17/2015
Harvey Kohn, M.D., P.L.L.C.Harvey Kohn, M.D.11/17/1999
Haven Medical, PLLCSonia Rapaport11/09/2007
Hawaiiantarheel Medical PLLCLeo Kwan Lok Young03/30/2012
Hawes Urology Clinic, P. A.Thomas H. Phillips, MD08/01/1972
Hawthorne Eye Associates, P.A.Stephen S Nagy, MD06/06/1997
Haymount Urgent Care, PCRobert Allen Clinton, Jr., M.D.05/02/2006
Hays Services, P.C.Edward Parker Hays, Jr., M.D.02/07/2011
Haywood Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Group, P.A.Steven D Hammel04/22/1975
Hazelwood Family Medicine, P.L.L.C.Michael A. Brown, M.D.04/17/2001
Hazelwood Healthcare PLLCMatthew Elton Holmes01/10/2018
HDLP PLLCRod Silverman, M.D.03/26/2015
Headache Wellness Center, P.C.Marshall C. Freeman06/05/2004
Healing Arts Medical, P.A.Babak Mokari, D.O.06/29/2012
Healing Imager, P.C.David L. Burk, Jr.12/20/2013
Healing Path Integrative Medicine, PLLCAnne Walch, PA-C06/29/2011
Health Experts, PLLCKikelomo Oshunkentan Belizaire, M.D., MPH02/04/2013
Health Inspiration Partners PLLCGregory Robert Weidner04/06/2020
Health Management Resources, P.A.Hoover M. Royals Jr MD11/12/1993
Health Management, P.A.Michael Duerr, MD10/25/1995
Health U, PLLCJohn Zachariah Hall,II,M.D.06/16/2010
Health Zone, PLLCRodolfo C. Reyes, MD04/05/2005
HEALTHFAIR PLUS PCCorporation Service Company09/30/2014
HealthFirst Primary Care PCColin G Kurtz01/17/2019
HealthFirst Urgent Care PCColin G Kurtz01/17/2019
Health-Pro Mental Health Services, P.L.L.C.James R. Sowell, M.D.08/30/2000
Healthstat Wellness, P.C.Robert Eric Hart04/27/2020
HEALTHTAP MEDICAL GROUP, P.C.Corporation Service Company07/27/2020
Healthviz, PLLCDouglas Terry Whitney, Member- Manager09/23/2016
HealthWorks Med Group of North Carolina, PCCorporation Service Company12/04/2002
HEALTHWORX PARTNERS, PCCourtney L. Blount10/30/2019
Heath M Jones, MD, PLLCHeath M. Jones08/03/2020
Heather L. Downs, D.O., P.C.Heather L. Davis, D.O.03/29/2010
Hecker Ophthalmology, P.A.Kathryn Hecker, MD07/17/1998
Hedges Emergency Services PLLCBrian Hedges07/25/2019
Heidi E. Middendorf M.D. PCHeidi E. Middendorf01/11/2006
Helmuth Frank Vollger, MD, PCHelmuth F. Vollger, M.D.12/03/2019
HelpER, P.A.Lisa Lichtig, M.D.12/23/1996
Heltha Medical Missouri, P.C.C T Corporation System05/10/2019
Hematology & Oncology Associates of Fayetteville, P.A.Kamal M.Bakri, M.D.08/01/1985
HemePathDx PLLCBeerelli Seshi04/22/2016
Hemlock Medical, PLLCThomas R. Hill, M.D.07/17/2013
Henderson Emergency Physicians, PLLCCorporation Service Company06/03/2005
Henderson Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine. P.L.L.C.Ashish Singh, M.D.08/26/2003
Henderson Wellness Center, P.A.G. Brandon Taylor, D.C.09/11/2008
Hendersonville Anesthesia Associates, P.A.John D. Bell MD10/01/1977
Hendersonville Dermatology, PLLCTherrissa Cohen01/05/2016
Hendersonville Internists Inc.S. Eugene Kirkley M.D.11/01/1979
Hendersonville OB-GYN Associates, P.A.Victoria Arcara, M.D.12/01/1978
Hendersonville Pain Management & Palliative Care, P.A.Duncan RC Scott, II06/28/2000
Hendersonville Pediatrics, P.A.Derek Moss11/01/1972
Hendersonville Radiological Consultants, P. A.Robert Paul Klym, MD12/10/1987
Henry H. Dorn, III, M.D., PLLCSteven H. Bouldin03/06/2005
Henry W. Burnett M.D. P.A.Mark Ingersall10/20/1997
Heritage Internal Medicine, PLLCRyan Dyson, Attorney08/09/2011
Heritage Regenerative Medicine, PCJohn E Stavrakos08/03/2020
Heritage Urgent & Primary Care Leesville Rd, PLLCElizabeth I. Norton01/24/2018
Heritage Urgent and Primary Care, PLLCElizabeth I. Norton, PA-C03/12/2014
Hester Health Solutions, PLLCWillie Hester, Jr., M.D.02/03/2014
Hester Ophthalmology, P.C.Darrell E. Hester10/01/2018
Heston C. Lamar, M.D., P.A.Heston C. LaMar08/03/2005
Hey Clinic, P.A.Lloyd A. Hey, M.D.11/05/2004
HEYDOCTOR MEDICAL GROUP (FL), P.A.C T Corporation System10/17/2019
HHH Medical Center, PLLCChad T. Hensley03/25/2019
Hickory Adult Medicine and Kidney Specialists, P.AGregory Pisel10/22/2002
Hickory Allergy And Asthma Clinic PAJoseph T. Inglefield III MD07/12/1994
Hickory Chest, PLLCDaniel E. Anderson, M.D.12/29/2004
Hien Nguyen, M.D., PLLCHien Nguyen05/23/2016
High Country Family Medicine PALeigh Bradley MD02/15/1994
High Country Neurology, P.C.Jeffrey P. Crittenden, M.D.11/09/1999
High Country Recovery, P.A.John Jackson Freeman10/21/2019
High Point Endoscopy Center, Inc.Albert J. Rhoton, MD03/23/1993
High Point Nephrology Associates, P.C.Vicki M. Stovall, M.D.08/25/2005
High Point Occupational Healthcare Services, PLLCKaren McKeithen Schaede, Atty08/22/2017
HIGH POINT PEDIATRICS, PLLCRebecca Weinshilboum10/27/2017
High Rock Internal Medicine, P.A.Stephen S. Hsieh, M.D.03/17/2000
Highgate Clinic, P. A.Bahman Malekpour, M.D.01/01/1988
Highland Family Practice, P.A.George C. Pantelakos, M.D.05/20/1997
Highland Health Of North Carolina, P.A.ERIC G B ZELLNER MD08/01/1991
Highland Medical Associates, P.A.Todd I. Stone, PA-C09/03/2003
Highland Neurology, PCRJ LACKEY01/23/2019
Highland Psychiatry, PLLCEric W. Peterson, MD05/21/2007
Highlands Dermatology, P.A.Paul S. Cabiran, M.D.08/07/2014
Highpoint Anesthesia & Pain Management, PLLCBrett Cleveland, MD08/20/2018
Hildebran Medical Clinic, PLLCAaron Swisher06/10/1999
Hill & Edwards, P.C.Patricia K. Hill, M.D.09/21/1999
Hill Medical WNC PLLCEric T Moody09/11/2020
Hillsborough Recovery Solutions PCVicki L. Ittel02/11/2016
Himanshu P. Parikh, M.D., PCHimanshu Parikh12/12/2007
Hines Radiology , P.A.Michele Alston Hines, M.D.04/17/2002
Hiren R. Patel M.D. P.C.Hiren R. Patel M.D.09/26/1994
History Medical PLLCDavid F. McGuire, PA-C11/04/2013
HM Oral Surgery, PLLCHani Mahgoub, M.D.03/17/2016
HMC Life Transitions, P.C.Aaron V. Swisher, M.D.04/23/2014
Hodges Family Practice, Inc.Robert A. Mason, Esq.06/08/1999
Hoffmann Surgical Associates, PLLCJeffrey Daniel Hoffmann08/11/2020
Hoke Emergency Group, PCC T Corporation System06/27/2017
Holden Beach Medical Center, P.A.Heather Merrow, PA08/18/2008
Holderness Plastic Surgery, PLLCHoward Holderness, M.D.12/11/2014
Holistic Health And Medicine, PADennis W. Fera, MD12/21/1998
Holistic Lifestyle Medical Clinic, PLLCKunwar Gadhok03/25/2019
Holistic Mental Health, PLLCBenjamin L. Ose, M.D.12/02/2010
Holland Medical, PLLCPatrick J. Holland, M.D.09/05/2017
Holland Physician Services, PLLCDaniel Lee Holland, M.D.06/21/2013
Hollowell Medical PLLCKerry Hollowell, M.D.02/17/2012
Holly M. O'Grady PLLCHolly M. VanBencoten10/30/2013
Holly Ridge Healthcare, PAJames H. Pridgen, MD10/24/2007
Holly Springs Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy, P.C.Eric L. Mansfield11/03/2017
Holly Springs Family Practice, P.L.L.C.Dr. Randall Scott Keith, M.D.03/14/2000
Holly Springs Neurology, P.A.Peter Kovacs06/03/2014
Holly Springs Ob/Gyn, P.A.Patricia Ann Convery09/10/2020
Holly Springs Pediatrics, PLLCOlga Nilova, M.D.07/31/2008
Holston Medical Group, P.C.Randy Sermons11/05/2018
Hometown DIrect Care, P.C.Thomas R. White, M.D.11/03/2014
Hometown Direct Primary Care PLLCCrystal Baker Rambeau02/12/2020
Hometown Medical PLLCMonique Torres08/10/2020
Hook Echo PLLCJames Austin Thompson02/03/2020
Hookerton Family Practice, P.A.Donald A. Ribeiro, MD11/07/2008
Hooper & Burnette Internal Medicine, Ltd.Thomas E. Hooper, M.D.,12/01/1991
Hope Family Medicine, PLLCKenneth D. Shank, D.O.04/17/2015
Hope Medical Care, PCMichael Lawrence, M.D.11/20/2008
Hope Mills Medical Clinic, P.L.L.C.Jacob O. Balogun, JD, LL.M.03/08/1999
Hope Pathology, P.L.L.C.Jason Hope07/11/2019
Hope Physicians and Urgent Care, PLLCAmbrose Okonkwo, MD12/02/2010
Hope Psychiatric, PLLCBruce S. Page03/06/2005
Hope Recovery PAElizabeth S. Stanton, M.D.10/28/2008
Hope Wellness Management, PLLCEva Ingram04/12/2017
Hope Women's Cancer Centers, P.A.David J. Hetzel, M.D.12/19/2012
Hopewell Family Medicine, P.A.Mark W. McManus, MD09/06/2002
Hopkins 99, PLLCVernon Brooks Stewart01/22/2020
Horizon Eye Care, P.A.FREDERICK D WEIDMAN III MD12/18/1997
Horizon Family Medicine, P. A.Jesse C. Pittard M. D.11/01/1982
Horizon Internal Medicine, P.L.L.C.Rizwan Pasha Haque07/21/2006
Horizon Surgical Specialists, PAPeter N. Purcell, MD07/01/1973
Hormone Wellness, PLLCPolly Watson07/05/2017
Hormoze A. Goudarzi, M.D., P.A.Richard J. Tuggle, Jr.01/30/2003
Hospital Medicine Services of Tennessee, P.C.Corporation Service Company05/23/2016
Hospital Physician Services-Southeast, Professional CorporationCorporation Service Company04/27/2010
Hospitalist and Emergency Services of North Carolina, PCCT Corporation System09/02/2010
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Buncombe County, PLLCCorporation Service Company02/22/2011
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Davidson County, PLLCCorporation Service Company03/10/2006
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Durham County, PLLCCorporation Service Company01/23/2007
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Forsyth County, PLLCCorporation Service Company02/01/2007
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Harnett County, PLLCCorporation Service Company11/01/2007
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - Burlington, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - Clyde, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - Elizabeth City, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - Jacksonville, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - New Bern, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - Rocky Mount, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - TCG, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina - TCS, PCCorporation Service Company03/05/2018
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of North Carolina, PLLCCorporation Service Company09/21/2010
House of Life Family Practice, PLLCMichele Powell, D.O.12/05/2005
Howard K. Mell, MD, MPH, PLLCHoward K. Mell12/09/2019
Howerton Family Medicine, PCBusiness Filings Incorporated08/05/2005
Howington PLLCBryan Howington07/14/2016
HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, P.A.Charles L. Cooper06/20/2002
HUBERTUS PLLCAna Maria Hubert, M.D.01/23/2015
Hudson Care Med, PCAndrew Bernardini07/24/2013
Hudson Primary Care, P.A.Richard O. McBurney MD02/17/1993
Huff Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, P.A.William Alexander Huff, M.D.05/15/1998
Hugh Duncan Dorris Jr., MD, PAHugh Duncan Dorris Jr, M.D.11/09/2015
Hughes Aesthetics, PLLCDavid Churchill03/19/2020
Hughes Equine Energy, PLLCWall Esleeck Babcock LLP04/14/2008
Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery, P.A.Joseph P. Hunstad, MD04/20/1995
Hunt Physician Staffing Solutions, PLLCJason Hunt01/20/2020
Hunter Emergency Medicine Consultants, PLLCAyana M Wilson06/03/2020
Hunter-Hopkins Center, PLLCVincent F. Hillman12/20/2017
Huntersville Family Practice, PCVincent F. Hillman, MD03/14/2007
Hutchinson Surgical Care Specialists, PLLC Andrew J. Hutchinson, D.O.01/25/2011
HWMD Medical Professionals, PLLCDelina H. Bishop M.D.08/16/2017
HYDRATE MEDICAL ASHEVILLE, PAChristopher Craig11/01/2016
Hydrate Medical, P.A.Jonathan Aaron Leake, M.D.04/29/2014
Hydrate Wilmington Practice, PLLCDustin Gross11/14/2019
Hypertension & Kidney Specialist, PCManpreet Bhutani, MD01/06/2011
I. H.O.P.E.: Integrative Healthcare Options and Personal Empowerment, PCJoanne Pizzino, MD, MPH11/05/2018
Icardio Corporation, A Medical CorporationBizFilings06/07/2011
IClinic, P.A.H. Vaughn Ramsey02/16/2009
ICOLE Medical, PLLCIan Cole, M.D.08/25/2015
Iconic Infusions, PLLCJohn Bates11/20/2019
ID CARE OF NC PAJon-Michael Devine09/13/2016
ID SOL PLLCAnupama Matcha10/24/2018
Ideal Health Care, Inc.White & Allen01/17/2007
Ideal Image Clinics, PLLCCorporate Creations Network Inc.12/01/2009
Ideal Image of Asheville NC, PCJames D. Wall, Esquire04/20/2010
Idler Internal Medicine, PCRegistered Agent: Gurley & Cookson, PLLC01/07/2011
Idler Spine, PLLCCary S. Idler, M.D.01/13/2010
IICNA, PCJerry H Titel06/17/2019
IK 1, PLLCDr. Ikenna E. Obasi05/18/2017
ILIMBIC PLLCLisa Caporossi 05/18/2020
IllumeMD P.L.L.C.Pragathi Ravi02/09/2017
Ilona Csapo MD PLLCIlona Csapo, M.D., S Corp12/21/2012
IM Cardiovascular Services, PLLCISAAC J T OSBORNE MD10/29/2019
Imaging Partners, PLLCJohn J. Freeman, M.D.10/22/2014
IME Solutions, PLLCJoseph H. Stallings08/30/2016
Immaculata Behavioral Healthcare PLLCDenise Michel10/29/2019
Immanuel Family Practice, P.A.Betti D. Reese, M.D.08/13/2004
Immediate Care of Goldsboro, PLLCTerry A. Grant M.D.10/14/1996
Immuno Professionals, PLLCAlissandro Castillo04/30/2020
IMNCDoc, P.C.Sujankumar K. Patel08/16/2017
Impact Healthcare, P.A.Heather Johnson Montgomery, FNP-BC08/17/2017
Imperial Center Family Medicine and Immediate Care, PLLCDennis Jacokes, M.D.08/17/1999
Impuls Internal Medicine, Inc.Alicja Rafalowski12/27/2002
In Demand MD, PLLCDonna M. Dean, M.D.01/11/2006
Incarcerated Medical Services, PLLCRodney K. Sessoms07/15/2013
Indhi Consulting, PLLCShilpa Rao Kasuganti08/14/2018
Infinite Allure, PLLCSchell Bray PLLC11/07/2017
Infinite Health, PLLCSheila Kilbane, M.D.04/27/2012
Infinite Wellness of South Charlotte, PCDonnielle L. Green07/23/2020
Infinite Wellness of the Carolinas, P.C.Donnielle Green, MD11/15/2012
Infinity Medspa + Wellness, PLLCRamesh Sunar06/09/2017
Infuse Balance, PLLCTonya K. Powers05/19/2020
In-House Doc, Inc.Anita Quarles, CPA08/15/2008
Inner Peace Psychological Services and Integrative Wellness Center, PLLCBrandon Neuman05/08/2012
Innovative Aesthetics M.D., PLLCMaryanne Lindsay12/05/2018
Innovative Health Solutions P.L.L.C.Steven Douglas Crane10/24/2018
Innovative Medical Practice of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company04/09/2014
Innovo Initium, P.C.James D Wall06/05/2008
Inpatient Consultants of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company12/03/2004
Inpatient Services of North Carolina, P.C.Corporation Service Company03/16/2009
INRICOVERY, PLLCEmidio Novembre, D.O.03/13/2012
InShape Medical, PLLCRobert William Patterson01/03/2018
Insight Integrative and Functional Medicine PLLCSusan Bradt04/12/2018
InSight Medical Group, P.A. CT Corporation System10/25/2019
Insight Psychiatry, Inc.Robin L. Stone, MD10/31/2006
Inspire Health and Wellness, IncTamika J. Lott, M.D.06/02/2010
Institutional Medical Services, PLLCJohn Henry Piland, III, M.D.12/27/2001
Integra Rehabilitation Physicians, PLLCSharon Kanelos, MD02/24/2011
Integral Mental Healthcare PLLCJacqueline Bennett Hudson02/14/2019
Integrated Dermatology of North Carolina, PLLCCorporate Creations Network Inc.07/16/2018
Integrated Dermatology of North Raleigh, PLLCCorporate Creations Network Inc.10/25/2017
Integrated Dermatology of Sanford, PLLCCorporate Creations Network Inc.05/13/2014
Integrated Pain Solutions, PLLCJames Taylor, M.D.12/29/2004
Integrated Wound Care North Carolina PLLCCorporation Service Company04/09/2019
Integrated Wound Specialists of North Carolina, PLLCCorporation Service Company12/02/2010
Integrative Arthritis and Pain Consultants, PADavid C. Hogarty12/17/2018
Integrative Cardiology Center, P.A.Julius N. Torelli, MD12/14/1999
Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, PLLCDavid L. English, Esq.07/22/2011
Integrative Health Carolinas PLLCAna-Maria M. Temple02/23/2018
Integrative Health for Women, PLLCNaina Khera-McRackan03/23/2020
Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina, PLLCJulieAnne Gibson McGregor12/05/2017
Integrative Path P.C.Business Filings International, Inc.01/06/2017
Integrative Physicians, P.C.Janet E. Lehr, M.D.03/16/1998
Integrative Psychiatric & Psychological Solutions, PLLCHaresh Tharwani, MD09/05/2019
Integrative Psychiatry and Psychotherapy PLLCSusan Myers, M.D.04/14/2016
Integrative Psychiatry, P.A.Edward K. Bridges, MD12/12/2003
Integrative Psychological Medicine PLLCOnoriode Edeh08/26/2020
Integrative Rheumatology, PLLCCharles A. Withers, II07/13/2016
Integrative Wellness Solutions PLLCInCorp Services, Inc.09/19/2019
Integritas Wellness and Hormone Center, PLLCMichelle Wilkinson, M.D.02/04/2014
Integrity Psychiatric Services P.L.L.C.Jessica Morel 09/14/2020
Intensivist and Hospitalist PLLCNitesh Upadhyay10/31/2018
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Associates, P.A.JAMES WOMBLE03/18/1999
Internal Medicine & Wellness Center, P.ADavid Scott Moss, MD09/07/1999
Internal Medicine Associates of Gastonia, P.A.Jaime Villarreal, M.D.06/01/2001
Internal Medicine Associates of Raleigh, P.A.Michael James, M.D.08/21/2001
Internal Medicine of Wakefield, P.A.Deborah N. Meyer, Attorney10/07/2014
Internal Medicine Services, PLLCRegistered A