NCMB - Physician Expedited Application - Eligibility Requirements


You are eligible for an expedited application if you meet the following qualifications:

Please check each box that applies to you.

current certification or recertification within the past 10 years by a specialty board recognized by one of the following:

currently holds a full unrestricted active license in at least one state, the District of Columbia, U.S. Territory or Canadian province continuously for a minimum of five years immediately preceding the application;

been active in clinical practice providing patient care for an average of 20 hours or more per week for at least the last two years (you may be required to show proof);

A physician applying for an expedited license must:
1) not have any professional liability insurance claim(s) or payment(s) within the past 10 years; (Having never been named in a malpractice lawsuit or had a malpractice lawsuit filed against you-regardless of whether the judgment award, payment or settlement was made in your name or a malpractice settlement or payment was made, affecting or involving you, where no lawsuit was filed);
2) not have any criminal conviction;
3) not have any medical condition(s) which could affect your ability to practice safely;
4) not have any regulatory board complaint(s), investigation(s), or action(s) (including applicant’s withdrawal of a license application) within the past 10 years;
5) not have any adverse action taken by a health care institution within the past 10 years;
6) have not had any adverse action(s) taken by a federal agency, the U.S. military, medical societies or associations within the past 10 years;
7) have not submitted the Puerto Rico written examination/Revalida to satisfy the requirements for medical licensure in another jurisdiction.

Graduates of an International Medical School must have a current certification from ECFMG or have completed a Fifth pathway program. US graduates must check the box to proceed with the application.

If you do not meet all five requirements, you are not eligible for an expedited license and will need to complete the full license application.