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John Edward Jenkins - MD
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 Public Action: Yes
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Active License
Reason CodeLicense NumberSubcategoryIssue DateExpire Date
 34361 07/20/1991 
Inactive License
Active Supervisee
SuperviseeTypeStatusApproval Date
Butler, Kimberlee Michelle PAActive06/20/2018
GRAHAM, ELYSA NPActive02/26/2019
HARRIS, KIMBERLY NPActive03/12/2018
HAWKS, CHRISTY NPActive07/05/2017
LEATH, CHRISTIE NPActive06/19/2017
MARTIN, MARY NPActive10/28/2015
Martin, William PAActive08/15/2017
Ratcliffe, Heather Robin PAActive03/07/2019
WEBB, PADONDA NPActive05/18/2017
Wenzel, Julie Nicole PAActive07/23/2018
North Carolina Hospital Admitting Privileges
Moses Cone Health System
Wesley Long Community Hospital, Inc.
Out of State Active/Inactive Licenses
South Carolina
Out of Country Active/Inactive Licenses
None Reported